Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas

We always have good intentions, but this might be our last post of 2015! The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us. I snapped a quick pic of my nails (and attempt at Christmas tree nail art) while wrapping presents.

Christmas Tree nail art, Cover Girl Star Wars Revenge Red nail polish

Happy Holidays to all of our Glambo readers! Thanks for following us. May you have a great, joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars CoverGirl Nail Polish in Revenge Red

It's December 18th, 2015. which means Star Wars: The Force Awakens is officially in the U.S. theaters. This long anticipated movie is accompanied by a themed cosmetic line by CoverGirl.

We were able to find a few items at our local stores. For nail polish, we picked color #180 in Revenge Red. The bottle is .37 fluid ounces of CoverGirl Outlast formula.

A quick, on-the-go photo of
CoverGirl Outlast Star Wars Revenge Red nail polish

We usually use salon brand nail polishes (hence the high number of OPI nail polish posts,) so the bottle was a little different for us. We liked it! The brush is shorter, and the top is square, but it was easily adaptable. Two coats covered well, which is good for a red shade.

We were pleased that the cap lined up after use so that we could swatch the polish with both the Star Wars and CoverGirl logos showing. There is also a CoverGirl Star Wars $5 off $15 rebate right now, AND a Proctor and Gamble $15 off $50 rebate which includes CoverGirl. This made our purchase even better!

Star Wars CoverGirl Outlast color #180 is perfect for the holidays as well as any 'Revenge Red' kind of day. If you are tempted to shop the Star Wars CoverGirl line, click the rebate links above to make the most of your purchases.

May the (Beauty) Force Be With You!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty Deals at Kohl's

One of our Glambo contributors absolutely loves Kohl's. Another shops there when she has a 30% off coupon, and I'm neutral. I probably do a big Kohl's shopping trip once per year. I earn Kohl's cash, forget to spend it (or am too busy to get there in time,) get frustrated, and swear off Kohl's for a while. (My issue, not Kohl's.) I recently discovered some beauty finds that can be purchased online with Kohl's cash. That's a game changer for me!

Kohl's has Lorac. Look at this gift set (available holiday 2015.)

LORAC, Love Lust and Makeup Holiday Gift Set, $42.00

Bliss is another brand that I didn't realize Kohl's carries. Here is a gift set any beauty would love.

bliss, berry bright holiday gift set
Contains bliss hand cream, soapy suds and body butter.

We knew Kohl's had several perfume brands. We didn't realize they carried The Balm makeup too.

theBalm eye makeup palette, $15.00 US

If you are spending Kohl's cash, and have a coupon, there's something you need to know. (Math geek input here. Haha.) The coupon is applied AFTER your Kohl's cash and Yes2You Rewards have been deducted. I didn't realize that at first. Although, it is clearly disclosed on the Kohl's cash. Why does this make a difference?

Kohl's Cash
Let's say you have $30 Kohl's Cash to spend, and a 25% discount coupon. You find a purchase for $40. You might think this: $40 purchase, $10 off with 25% coupon, use $30 Kohl's cash, and just pay the tax. Your purchase would seem free. WRONG! The way it works is: $40 purchase minus $30 Kohl's cash. Then, deduct 25% from the remaining $10 balance. That's $2.50 off. You'd pay $7.50 plus tax. This is something that's good to keep in mind while you are shopping online. It will keep you from staring at your receipt after you make your purchase in store - especially if you do a mega shopping trip like me.

Additional Kohl's Savings via Yes2You Rewards.
You can sign up online if you don't have time in the store.

Another math geek / marketing issue I see some people do at Kohl's is count the Kohl's cash twice. This sounds weird, and not everybody does it. Here's the justification. Let's say you spend $50 at Kohl's. You get lots of stuff on sale, and earn $10 Kohl's cash. It seems like you got a great deal and only really paid $40 dollars, right? No! Then, when you go to spend your $10 Kohl's cash, you count it again. The item was $15 dollars, but you have $10 Kohl's cash, so you really only paid $5. See how people count it twice? It feels great to justify purchases, but that $10 Kohl's cash just got counted as $20 in your budget. Again, not everyone does this, but it's something to be aware of.

Other than that, have fun shopping at Kohl's and Kohl's.com! Don't forget to log on with EBates to earn cash back on your purchases. (Our link is on the top right of the page if you need more EBates info, or want to sign up in 20 seconds flat.) We hope you find some beautiful deals.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fire Haircuts, Edward Scissorhand Cuts

We post a lot of videos on our Facebook page that don't make it on our blog. This one is an exception.

Fire Haircuts!? Swords?! Edward Scissorhands claws? What is going on in Madrid?

Would you be brave enough to try any of these? You would REALLY have to trust your stylist. There is no way the fire would be legally allowed in the US. The fire marshall and State Board of Cosmetology are never going to let that happen. Can you imagine the smell?! Plus, wouldn't your ends be fried? (Excuse the pun.) We get haircuts to eliminate split ends. I  can't imagine running a brush through the hair after this experience. It must feel awful.

We MIGHT consider the sword. Long layers COULD look good with that cut, but we are skeptical.

Edward Scissorhands blades? NO WAY!!! Here's why: It's too similar to the horrible 'disconnection' thinning shear look we ranted about here  http://www.glamboblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/why-does-my-hair-look-like-david.html.

Our local hairstylist posted this. We agree that the effect appears to be more entertainment than skill.

If you are brave enough to try this when in Madrid, leave us a comment! We'd love to hear from you.

And, if you aren't following us on Facebook, you should! We have great hair videos to share with you. The link is at the top right of our page and is highlighted in this post.

Thanks Beauties!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Burt's Bees Gift Sets

We discovered how much we loved Burt's Bees products via a beauty-loving friend and a gift set. It's a great way to try this 100% natural brand at a discount. It also makes a nice little gift for others.

Our favorites so far:

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme:

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme

I love this stuff! It has a light almond scent, and is rich, thick, and moisturizing. I keep it in kind of a weird place - my nightstand drawer. The reason is that I like to use this product at night. I'm an avid hand washer, and get dry skin. I would forget to add Burt's Bees Hand Cream to my nightly routine, and then would get out of bed to put it on, or would be too lazy and skip it. (Some nights, it's a lot to get the makeup off, and teeth brushed and flossed, right?) So, it's in my nightstand drawer. I crawl into bed, realize that my hands feel dry, and apply it. The hand cream is emollient, and leans toward a slightly greasy feel when first applied. My skin feels great that night though, and is moisturized when I wake up in the morning. I've used several jars so far, and consider it an essential product.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream:

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

The cuticle cream definitely has a lemon scent, but it's not overly Pledge smelling and is therefore tolerable. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a soft cuticle balm that I prefer to use in lieu of cuticle oil. This product may not be on your radar, but beauty bloggers love it. If you are doing nail polish posts, this is a must have item. The only draw-back is that it's easy to put this product in a bathroom drawer and forget about it. Try to keep it someplace you will remember to use it on a semi-regular basis. (Mine is near the nail polish remover.) 1-2 uses per week works great!  The cuticle cream lasts a long time and is worth the cost, especially if you buy it as part of a gift set.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm:

I may not have tried this product on it's own because I'm not usually a Chapstick-type person unless I'm going skiing. The Burt's Bees Lip Balm ended up in my nightstand drawer along with the hand cream. (I only have theses two beauty products in there, but it works for me!) Again, I feel dry at the end of the day - probably due to my love of long-wearing lipsticks. Add some Burt's Bees Lip Balm at night, and the dryness is gone in the morning. I have the peppermint, but it comes in many flavors and scents. You can feel the mint, so be prepared for that if you buy that type. Whether it's winter dryness, or summer sun, Burt's Bees Lip Balm keeps lips pucker-up moisturized.

If you try these products on their own or find them in a gift set, you won't be disappointed with Burt's Bees.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cyber Week Continues - 2015

In case you missed the online shopping craze yesterday (or your items were sold out before you could get them in your cart,) there are still great deals to be had!

Both of these should start with Ebates to get extra cash back. Our link is on the right side of our page. You'll get to select a $10 gift card for signing up (in 20 seconds flat!)

Target is offering 25% off all beauty products and free shipping with minimum purchase. Use your Red Card to get an extra 5% off and lower free shipping threshold. Start with the Ebates website for additional cash back. Use Promo Code BEAUTY at Target checkout.

Target Beauty Discounts, Cyber Week 2015

What we are REALLY excited about is the BirchBox discount! Through TODAY ONLY, Birchbox is offering 25% off - including box subscriptions and gift subscriptions. Go to Ebates first, and you'll get $2.50 cash back for subscribing. Normally $10 US per month, the $110 subscription goes down to $82.50. You can also order shorter subscriptions as a discount.

BirchBox, monthly beauty box subscription. Just $10 a month!

If you have considered signing up for BirchBox or think it would make a great holiday gift, today is the day to purchase!

Happy Cyber Shopping Glambo Beauties!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cyber Monday - 2015

Hello Beauties!

Are you ready to get all your fabulous deals shopping online today? Don't forget to use Ebates when you shop! Not only will you get cash back, you'll find coupon codes to use at checkout.

If you aren't familiar with Ebates, you simply log onto their site, then click the store you like. You will be taken to the shop's normal webpage. Ebates will PAY YOU to go shopping! (You can sign up in 20 seconds flat using our link at the top right side of our blog. You'll get to select a $10 gift card when you sign up with our link.) If you're not sure if your favorite store works with Ebates, you can search at the top of the Ebates site.

This Cyber Monday, Ebates Cash Back Deals Include:

Ulta - 9%
Sephora -  4%
Smashbox - 8%
Origins - 8%
Tarte - 8%
Macy's - 10%
Kohls - 10%
Amazon - 10% (certain categories)
Groupon - 10%
Ugg - 10%
The Body Shop - 10%
Nordstrom - 6%
Old Navy - 6%
EBay - 5%
Walmart - 5%
Target - 2% (*)
    *And, use your Red card for an extra 5% off.
Toys R Us - 7%
Nike - 12%
Ralph Lauren - 12%
Neiman Marcus - 12%!
Saks Fifth Avenue - 14%
Plus Many more!

Most stores are offering free shipping with minimum purchase. Don't forget to start with Ebates and sign into any store loyalty accounts to maximize your purchase. Happy Deal Hunting!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

MockingJay Part 2 - Flashback to The Hunger Games Nail Polishes

The last movie in The Hunger Games franchise hits theaters this week. MockingJay Part 2 is here! It's hard to believe its been several years since the first movie and since we first published the China Glaze Capitol Colours nail polish collection.

If I recall, we got first dibs on the polish in the store, and I literally broke two nails putting the polish on the counter to pay. That's why some of our swatches are on very short nails. Here's a flashback to some of our most used colors:

Hook and Line (full reviews highlighted) topped with Luxe and Lush.


Hook and Line with Luxe and Lush overlay
China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Capitol Colours

Next up, Riveting:

Riveting, China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Capitol Colours

Here's a swatch of Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon,
China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Capitol Colours Collection
Luxe and Lush bottle. Color used as a top coat over Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon with Luxe and Lush overlay.China Glaze, The Hunger Games, Capitol Colours

Thanks for indulging us in our Beauty Flashback! We hope you enjoy the MockingJay movie and have a great week!

The Glambo Girls

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Downy Wrinkle Releaser - A Must Have

Are you traveling this holiday season? Then, you won't want to leave without packing a travel size bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

We have been using this product for years. You can tell by the evolution of the packaging, all of which we have owned. (A little proof that we are loyal users of this product.)

Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Travel Size.

The travel size bottles above  are 3 oz. The most current packaging is on the right. This size currently meets TSA standards for carry-on baggage as long as it's in a clear Ziplock bag and put through security per their instructions. You can find it in the travel item section of Target, or get a large bottle in the laundry aisle.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Why We Love It: This product gets the fold marks out of clothes that were tightly packed in a suitcase. It refreshes your clothes, and you don't have to iron. The large bottles work great at home too!

To Use:  Hold bottle a few inches from your garment, and spray. Tug lightly on your clothing to smooth. That's it! The video below made us smile, and illustrates proper use.

Notes: We have tried Downy Wrinkle Releaser on every type of fabric we own: Dry clean only, silks, cotton, denim, and more. We have never had an issue. If you are unsure, test it in an inconspicuous place. The spray has a pleasant, unisex, fresh laundered scent that is not overpowering.

Cons: Downy Wrinkle Releaser won't give you the perfect, crisp look of ironing. It does, however, make your clothes passable and virtually wrinkle-free where you use it.

The first commercial for Downy Wrinkle Releaser (waayyyy back) originally showed a teenage boys spraying it on dirty clothes. We thought it wasn't something we would ever try, until a friend who hates ironing recommended it. We've been using it ever since. People always borrow it when we travel, so get your own bottle (especially if you have teenage boys.) LOL.

This product definitely gets a Glambo Kiss of Approval!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wen Hair Care Lawsuit Filed

Hello Beauties!

Back in 2011, we tested Wen Hair Care, and subsequently wrote our most scathing review of a product ever. We didn't have the issues that are listed in the lawsuit below. However, we did discontinue use. Our Sassy Glambo Girl had the funniest, most honest phrase to describe her experience.

To see our reviews, click Glambo's Review of Wen Hair Care - Part I and Glambo's Review of Wen Hair Care - Part II. You can also find the reviews in our Glambo Dis section, which is how we 'keep it real' around here.
They say, "Friends don't let friends use shampoo."
We said, "Friends don't let friends use (order) Wen."

The article detailing the lawsuit is listed here.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Bio Ionic - One Pass, Sugar Skull Flat Iron

One thing that is very fortunate for us is that I have an (inactive) beauty license. Hello discounted beauty products! Blogging isn't cheap. ;) Our Glambo friends know that I am happy to share the savings. Occasionally, I get requests for products. I was asked for a flat iron recommendation, but had to ask for specific preferences.

I was told 1.5" was a must, and I agree. When questioned about which brand, I was told, "the mall flat iron." Having no idea what she was talking about, I was informed that a lot of our friends purchased $240+ flat irons from the mall kiosks. I usually avoid those people, LOL. Turns out, that is an awesome flat iron that three of our long haired friends love! Further research led me to Bio Ionic One Pass. Once again, we learned about a great product from our beauty loving buddies.

As luck would have it, I found a sale on Bio Ionic this month, AND a cool limited edition design. Dia De Los Muertos fans will appreciate the sugar skull design. The set comes with the Bio Ionic flat iron, a sugar skull tote bag and stickers.

Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron, Sugar Skull, Dia De Los Muertos design, 1.5 inch
The Bio Ionic brand is known for One Pass, and it's true. Run the BioCeramic, NanoIonic plates over your hair just once for instantly smooth results. The multi-level heat control goes up to 450 degrees F / 230 degrees C. The higher heat level is important if you have thick, coarse hair.

BioIonic comes with a one year warranty. We had a friend that needed to use that, and her flat iron was replaced with no problems. Good to know. Most BioIonic products are dual voltage. A huge plus for those of us that like to travel.

I may have purchased this for a friend, but after trying hers, my next flat iron is going to be a BioIonic. For more information on the BioIonic brand, including warranty information and FAQ, visit www.BioIonic.com.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Scream Queens - Closet and Decor

Have you been watching Scream Queens? It's a sarcastic parody, so of course, we're in. What we've noticed most is the eye candy d├ęcor. (That, the soundtrack, and the Ariana Grande texting scene. Funny!)

Who wouldn't be jealous Chanel's closet?! It's two stories, gorgeous, and is full of designer fashions.

Chanel's Closet, Scream Queens

We delight in every scene filmed there. Here's another view:

Chanel's closet, Scream Queens

The Chanels and their fur in front of nude and metallic shoes.

The Chanels, Scream Queens closet

You may notice that Lea Michelle's character is sans her bedazzled neck brace. We have  a funny story related to that we will be sure share in another post.

Here's a picture of Chanel's over-the-top, humungous, tuffed headboard.

Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande, Scream Queens

Every room in the house and the fashions are outrageous. That's not the only reason to watch though. We still don't know who the red devil killer is!

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays 9/8 Central on Fox and On Demand.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cookie's Empire Fashion and Nails

Attention Empire Fans! The second season starts next Wednesday 9/23.  Sure, the series music is great, and the story lines are good. What we are most looking forward to is Cookie! We can't wait to see her fired up personality paired with her snazzy nails and wardrobe choices. Here's a peek at last season's looks brought to life by actress, Taraji P. Henson.

Cookie in the Boardroom wearing Purple Fur. (Empire on Fox Network.)
(Don't you wish you could dress like that, walk into the office, and tell everyone how it really is?)

Cookie, acting like a boss, in animal print. Empire on Fox.

Cookie meme - Empire, Fox Network Wednesdays 9pm, 8pm Central,

Cookie on Empire, black and red nails. #nailart

Cookie's Gotta Gun - and red nails! Empire on Fox.

Cookie Lyon (actress Taraji P. Henson) Empire

And, these are the tame looks! We'll be watching on Wednesday for more.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free Maybelline - Baby Lips & Great Lash

We just tested and scored this deal in two states!

Get two FREE Maybelline Baby Lips Gloss AND
Two Free Maybelline Great Lash Mascaras at CVS this week.


Here's the deal we discovered via The Krazy Coupon Lady. In order for it to work, you need to be set up. If you haven't done extreme beauty couponing before, click this link to our post for the basics. You'll then have everything you need to get beauty products for (nearly) free.


2 x Maybelline baby lips $4.49 each (buy two get $5 ECB - to spend like cash)
2 x Maybelline mascara $5.99 each (buy two, get $5 ECB - to spend like cash)
Use:    $3 off $15 cosmetics CVS coupon from red kiosk in stores
           $3 off $15 mascara, lip,eye liner CVS coupon from CVS app

Depending upon the cost of products in your area, you might actually MAKE a few cents on this one.
While you're at CVS, score some FREE Biore too! (Click for details.)  These deals expire 8/29/15. Stay tuned for more freebies!

How to get Free Makeup

Let's face it: Blogging ain't cheap! Neither is being a beauty junkie.

Like most women, we use a combination of high end products combined with a few items from the drug store. As they say over the pond, "High Street vs. Main Street" products. In London, they have stores like Boots, and Superdrug. Here in the U.S., we have Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS. If you are U.S. based, then we can show you how to score free (or almost free) make-up from time to time. Getting set up requires initial effort, but it's worth it to get free deals like these:

Free Maybelline Baby Lips & Free Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
First, join the store rewards programs. The next time you are in a store, get their card. Link it online as soon as you get home so that you don't forget - and lose out on great deals.

  • Walgreens has Balance Rewards.
  • Rite Aid has Plenti (which you can also use at other stores like Macy's, or at Mobile gas stations, etc.)
  • CVS has Extra Care (which gives ExtraBucks Rewards to use like cash.)

Walgreens and Rite Aid have a point system that links to your cards. You can use the points you've earned on transactions to bring down the balance due. Simple.

CVS is a little more labor intensive. It's not hard, and it's worth it.

Once you have the CVS card, hang onto it. Download their app, and link it to your card right away. Often, you need to scan your card at the red CVS kiosk located in stores to print additional coupons (like this week's $3 off $15 beauty purchase.) The app will give you additional coupons which you can send electronically to your card. (Right now, it's an additional $3 off $15 beauty purchase.)

We scored FREE Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser at CVS

You can also sign up for your cards online. If you are a 'get it done while I'm thinking about it' kind of person, this is the way to go.

The beauty of these cards and rewards is that you can combine them with coupons to get (nearly) free stuff. Assuming you don't do extreme couponing or have the Sunday paper inserts, you will need to get set up to print coupons at home. It's easy. However, it does take a little time upfront.

To Print Coupons:

Go to www.Coupons.com and install their printer. (You may have to select a coupon to print in order to get the prompt.)

What you need to know:
  • Coupon sites print three coupons to a page.
  • They are automatically sent to your default printer.
  • You do not have the option to select 'Black and White Only.' (They automatically print in color if you have a color printer, which can eat up your ink. That's why I only print coupons as I need them.)
  • You can only print one version of a coupon at a time. You can then go back and print additional like coupons until your limit is reached.

Follow us:

No pressure, but from time to time, we will share how to get great deals. You have to be set up though, which is why we published this post.

Happy Shopping!

Try Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser for Free!

Hello Beauties:

Today, we are sharing a FREE deal from CVS. No coupons required. You just have to be an Extra Care member. And, if you don't ever have your card on you, like me, you can have the cashier input your phone number to be eligible for the savings. We tried it twice at two different CVS stores. There won't be a tag advertising this deal, but it works!

1 oz Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Buy 2 Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleansers, and you get $5.00 ExtraBucks Rewards. (They spend like cash at CVS.) The 1.0 fluid ounce size is $2.37 near me. I purchased two for a total of $4.74 plus tax, and got a $5 EBR. In essence, I MADE money to buy a product I have been wanting to try.

You can earn this deal twice per Extra Care card, so buy 4! You'll get two $5 EBR. If there is no line, and your CVS checker is nice, you can do two transactions. Buy two 1 oz. Biore, get a $5 EBR, then use that to pay for the next two 1 oz. Biores. Makes sense?

We Glambo Girls like to use a product several times before posting a review. For now, we wanted to share this deal so you can try it too. Must purchase by 8/29/15.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Free Product - Veet Bikini, Underarm & Face Wax Strip Kit - Rebate form link

Who doesn't love free stuff?! We recently found this rebate form for a product, and thought we would share. The Veet® Bikini, Underarm & Face Wax Strip Kit is basically free after rebate if the rebate form and proof of purchase requirements are sent in by 8/1/15. Open to U.S. residents only. One free product per household.


We haven't tried and reviewed this product yet. We are simply passing along the savings. Just remember, the key to rebates is to fill out the form, attach all the necessary requirements and mail it out RIGHT AWAY!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Urban Decay - Naked Smoky

Hello Beauty Lovers!

We just got a sneak peek of Urban Decay's newest palette - Naked Smoky - launching July 8th. We had to share the video with you!

Here at Glambo, we REALLY try to remain unbiased. However, since each of us already have the previous three Naked palettes, and LOVE THEM, it's hard not to have high expectations for Naked Smoky. Urban Decay's shadows are great, the palettes are sturdy, and we like the double ended brushes.

Stock up on the eye shadow primer and makeup remover. Then, get ready to fight the crowd to get Urban Decay's Naked Smoky!

Full review coming soon!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pac Man Turns 35

Happy Birthday Pac Man!

To celebrate, we've added a pic of our favorite Pac Man nails.

We wish we could read the watermark better to link to their social media. This manicure is so cute!

This short video reminds us why we love Pac Man (and let's not forget Ms. Pac Man.)


It also references the upcoming movie, Pixels, which shows Pac Man's creator and a larger than life version of the game.

We can't wait to get out our nail dotter and brushes to add a Pac Man mani of our own!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

White Shirt that Won't Stain - Bring it On!

If you're like me, nothing ensures a spilling accident like choosing to wear white.

Now, a promising new fabric claims to be impossible to stain. Ketchup, mustard, coffee, and wine are no longer menacing opponents of the clean, white shirt.

Shirt information states that it is made of polyester. However, there is no mention of other types of fabric in the blend. There are also no comments about the feel. Our question is, "If the food slides right off the shirt, does it quickly land on your pants?" You may still need to carry a Shout Wipe for those, but your white shirt should remain pristine.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Essie Gold Nuggets and Baby's Breath - Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Greetings! We were lucky enough to purchase a few Essie polishes from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection earlier this week. (If you haven't heard about the 'flash sale' chaos, click here.)

Lilly Pulitzer for Target. Essie nail polishes: Baby's Breath and Gold Nuggets, against exclusive Nosey Posey fabric.

Lilly Pulitzer is known for her happy, beach-style prints. Every tag on Essie's exclusive polish reads, "Palm Beach is a state of mind." We photographed our lacquers against the colorful 'Nosey Posey' pattern and 'Sea Urchin,' both exclusive to Target.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target. Essie Baby's Breath lacquer against exclusive Sea Urchin fabric.

Baby's Breath is a not-too-bright-white, without looking beige. It's pretty on it's own, or as a base for nail art or the glittery Gold Nuggets polish.

Gold Nuggets has a clear base and fine, not-too-brassy gold shimmer. They look nice in the bottles, but we like them better on our fingers.  

Stay tuned for additional reviews and for information about our #LillyforTarget giveaway coming soon.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

By now, you have heard about the Lilly Pulitzer limited edition line for Target that sold out like a flash sale.

We ventured into our local Target stores on Monday, expecting to see empty shelves and large signage with no merchandise just like the 2011 Missoni Target sale. Instead, there was no evidence that Lilly Pulitzer products had ever been there. With over 250 products mixed in with regular merchandise throughout the store, the Targets we visited looked like they had never even carried one Lilly Pulitzer item (and we looked in two states!)

The Target employees told a different story:  Black Friday style lines waiting for the store to open; Everything selling out in just minutes. One manager was overheard saying, "That line may have just saved our sales. I hope there isn't a rush of returns." (That's doubtful.) A cashier stated, "I've never even heard of this woman! I don't understand why it was so crazy!"

Lucky us! We Glambo Girls accidentally scored! We found a dress in our size on the go-back rack in the dressing room. As we were doing our regular Target shopping, we discovered an end-cap with some pretty Essie polishes. Guess what?! They were Lilly Pulitzer! We bought a few colors to add to our collection AND some to host a Glambo Giveaway!! We have nail files for a few of our lucky readers too!

Give us a few days to swatch our polishes and post pictures. The giveaway info will be shared soon.

If you were lucky enough to find some #LillyforTarget pieces, just be aware. There is a shorter 14 day return policy for this line. That is, if you haven't already sold it on EBay for double what you paid. ;)

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kerry Washington - Marie Claire Cover, April 2015

We love being ahead of the trends. We were drawn into this month's issue of Marie Claire featuring Kerry Washington on the cover. Then, we realized, the eye makeup we love was posted on Glambo in 2011. Remember our holiday Mac Makeover?

Here is a photo from April's Marie Claire.

Kerry Washington, Marie Claire, April 2015

And, here is our Mac Makeover photo from 2011.

Mac Eye Makeup - Glambo 2011

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If you love Kerry Washington's eye makeup on the Marie Claire cover, head to your local Mac counter to recreate the look.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zoolander 2 Announced - Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Walk in Valentino Show, Paris Fashion Week

Marketing genius! The movie, Zoolander 2, was announced in style as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walk in character at Valentino's March 10th show in Paris.

Photo Credit: Zoolander page via Facebook

Watch the video below to see the stunt. As a bonus, you can view the entire Valentino line. ;)

Zoolander 2 premieres Feb. 12, 2016.

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