Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glambo's Review of WEN Haircare - Part II

This is Part II of Glambo's Wen Hair Care Review. See Part I for our experiences with ordering, shipment, and to answer questions like, "How much product should I use?" and "Do you really have to use Wen with cold water?"

Up until now, we've dealt with the call center, were shocked by how many pumps of Wen we needed to use, and applied it to our hair. Now, it's time for the results:

Day one: We each do our hair as usual, using only Wen products. Some of us blow out our hair and one lets her hair air dry. Our initial thoughts are that Wen is ok. The hair looks a little more weighed down than normal, but it doesn't feel that way. The texture isn't transformed but it isn't bad either. We should note that one of us has very coarse, dry, frizzy hair, one is blessed with 'normal' hair, and one of us has fine hair. With dry hair, we didn't think our strands were any softer, and with oily hair, we didn't think it felt greasy. So, that's a good start. We're not in love yet, but we're not disappointed either.

Day two: We are optimistic! When comparing notes, we agree that our hair has more volume the second day. It's soft and smooth. This may work! We might be Wen girls after all.

Day three: WTF? Definitely time for a shampoo. The hair is feeling oily and is looking dirty. Disclosure: We normally wash our hair every other day, and sometimes stretch it to three. You can't do that with Wen. Even a pony tail going to the gym isn't really going to be an option. One of the Glambo Girls is determined to wait until morning, and one can't take it, so she 'cleanses with Wen.' Another decides to spray with Wen and water as directed on the website for a pick-me-up. This doesn't work well.

Day four: Ok, by now, some have washed, some have 'refreshed' and one has endured another day without 'cleansing.' It's BAD all the way around. Everyone cleanses with Wen, and are not really impressed. The hair is looking more weighted down even though it's supposed to be clean. It looks dirtier than our first 'cleansing' and we are wondering if this is going to get worse with every washing.

The dry haired Glambo Girl can't believe her hair is looking dirty and dry at the same time- a first for her. Fine haired and oily haired Glambo Girls are in distress. One agrees to go one more day, and the other is going back to regular shampoo immediately.

The weeks go on: Miss Dry Hair sticks it out until her own mother asks politely, "So, what are you doing to your hair these days?" Translation: "Your hair looks horrible, but I don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you that." She finally got an honest, "Your hair looks REALLY dirty" and a weird look from her mom. This was from using Wen every other day.

Our Sassy Glambo Girl had the best analogy when she stated, "My hair smells like *ss!" And after we all stopped laughing, we realized, she's right! After a couple of days, the hair DOES smell like that! Another disclosure: She does not have some smelly man in her life, and the cat's butt was not next to her on the pillow. We have never known her to smell anything other than lovely, even after a Zumba class. It was the Wen for sure! No doubt about it.

 Is it just us?: We lost another Glambo Girl along the way, so we felt we needed to solicit other opinions before we put the '*ss' comment in writing and gave Wen the hardest Glambo Dis in the history of blogging. We asked around, and found the results to be polarizing. People either really loved Wen or absolutely hated it, promising never to put a drop of the product on their hair again. Out of everyone we knew and talked to, only one person liked it - this includes soliciting opinions from Cosmetologists and their customers at a local hair salon. Two had neutral opinions yet were no longer using it, and the rest gave Wen an unfavorable review.

Our Review:
The infomercials make the product sound amazing, but perhaps, it's Chaz's styling team from the 'after' video that we really want.

They say, "Friends don't let friends shampoo." We say, "Friends don't let friends use Wen." Based upon our personal experiences, this product is getting our strongest 'Glambo Dis' to date.



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