Monday, May 14, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Cling On nail polish

Hey y'all! We don't usually say that word, but it just felt like a "y'all" kind of day. Our regular readers know that we are kind of obsessed with the China Glaze Magentix polishes right now. Out with the shatters and in with the magnetics!

China Glaze Magnetix Cling On

Here's another one where we weren't too sure about the color in the bottle, but loved it once it was magnetized. Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of yellow based greens. They remind me of the pictures of nail fungus they showed us in beauty school. We've never posted a shade in this hue until now because of this. We made an exception for China Glaze's Cling On. We like the lighter frosty effect of the color against the deeper shade of the magnetic lines.

Different lighting - China Glaze Magnetix Cling On

The name may sound like a Star Trek character, yet the nail polish will become a hit of it's own thanks to the options from the China Glaze magnet. We kept an imperfect photo to show what can happen if the magnet isn't kept completely still. (I moved it to peek.) The V-shape became more of a wavy line effect on the middle finger. It looked good though, so we kept it anyway.

If you haven't purchased any China Glaze Magnetix polishes lately, you are missing out! Just one magnet, a range of colors, and you have numerous options for cool nail polish designs that are sure to get everyone's attention.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

At-Home Haircuts? Get Conair Barber Shears.

Imagine walking into a hair salon and seeing the Cosmetologist pull out a pair of regular household scissors and whack away at someone’s hair. You’d be horrified, right? So, why would you do this at home?

Licensed hair stylists complete well over 1200 hours of education in most U.S. states, sometimes drastically more. They spend hundreds of dollars on their scissors and maintain them with regular sharpening. Some stylists don’t charge for bang trims, and most that do have a minimal fee ($5-$12 in most salons.) So, Glambo is going to recommend that you never take the scissors to your own hair. But… if you do…

Here is some advice for those occasions where you just need a backup plan, like a slight bang trim before a night out or - gasp! - when the pro missed a piece during a recent salon visit. If you are going to cut your own hair (or your child’s or husband’s) don’t ever do it in a hurry. This will surely backfire. Take your time and make the victim family member sit still. And PLEASE, use scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair.

Conair sells 5 ½ inch barbering shears in fun colors and designs for roughly $12 U.S. at stores like Walmart and Target. These scissors have an extended piece to place your ring finger, which should assist you in steadying your hand and in angling the shears better during the haircut. They also come with a case for the ends, making them easy to store (and hide from your family. You know they’ll try to snag them for another purpose, which is a no-no.) We are not a fan of cutting your hair at home, but if you do, decent hair shears are a must! Conair helps fill that need, and therefore, Conair Barber Shears get a Glambo Kiss of Approval.

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