Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

By now, you have heard about the Lilly Pulitzer limited edition line for Target that sold out like a flash sale.

We ventured into our local Target stores on Monday, expecting to see empty shelves and large signage with no merchandise just like the 2011 Missoni Target sale. Instead, there was no evidence that Lilly Pulitzer products had ever been there. With over 250 products mixed in with regular merchandise throughout the store, the Targets we visited looked like they had never even carried one Lilly Pulitzer item (and we looked in two states!)

The Target employees told a different story:  Black Friday style lines waiting for the store to open; Everything selling out in just minutes. One manager was overheard saying, "That line may have just saved our sales. I hope there isn't a rush of returns." (That's doubtful.) A cashier stated, "I've never even heard of this woman! I don't understand why it was so crazy!"

Lucky us! We Glambo Girls accidentally scored! We found a dress in our size on the go-back rack in the dressing room. As we were doing our regular Target shopping, we discovered an end-cap with some pretty Essie polishes. Guess what?! They were Lilly Pulitzer! We bought a few colors to add to our collection AND some to host a Glambo Giveaway!! We have nail files for a few of our lucky readers too!

Give us a few days to swatch our polishes and post pictures. The giveaway info will be shared soon.

If you were lucky enough to find some #LillyforTarget pieces, just be aware. There is a shorter 14 day return policy for this line. That is, if you haven't already sold it on EBay for double what you paid. ;)

Stay Tuned!

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