Monday, October 31, 2011

Glambo's Bloody Manicure

Happy Halloween Everybody!

We created three 'bloody' manicures using only the bottles of nail polish to create this effect. No nail art tools were used, making this simple and easy for anyone to imitate as the perfect accent to any costume.

After appraising our selection of red polishes, we selected Sally Hansen #18 Cinna-Snap as the ideal 'blood' doppelganger. Several people stopped me while I was running errands asking to see my nails and inquiring how we got them to look like this.

Next, we applied the same varnish over a white base color.

It retrospect, we would have selected a more traditional red color to compliment the brightness of the white. We can picture this look with a scary clown costume. Yikes!

Finally, we used a black base color and switched to a metallic red so that it would be more visible against the black lacquer. We got a lot of compliments on this combination. It kind of looks like flames depending on the viewing angle.

Sally Hansen's 'Black Out' color was a great base color. It was super shiny and lasted through an evening of carving pumpkins and even scooping out the seeds.

Glambo's Bloody Manicure is super easy! First, we applied a base coat, and 'dripped' our 'bloody' polish over it to create our natural nail look. If you prefer a colored base, use that polish and let that coat dry. To add the 'blood,' select a red and keep a bit more polish on the brush than you would normally use. Start the 'drip' from the cuticle end and pull toward the edge of the nail. Repeat until the tips of your nails appear as they have been dipped in blood.  When applying your clear top coat, keep in mind that you may need to wipe your top coat brush on a paper towel before dipping it back into the bottle. This will prevent the red polish from transferring from your red tips and adding red streaks to the natural nail and white portions.

Happy Haunting! Have a spooktactular Halloween from Glambo!

Glambo's OPI Pair 'em Scare 'em Giveaway Update

So, if you participated in our Halloween Giveaway, thanks again.  We were so excited to hear that our contest winner, Anutka over at Wackylaki had received the polishes and featured them in a recent blogpost (check it out for more pictures). 

After seeing her awesome pictures, we were floored! She does such a great job of showing off the polishes, pre and post-shattered,  in the light AND glowing in the dark. We were inspired to get our nails glowing for Halloween.  That Zom-Body to Love is has a powerful glow.  It can be a little freaky when we forget we are wearing it and turn the lights out only to see our disembodied fingernails floating in the dark!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whip Your Hair!

Have you ever wanted to add a fun colored streak to your hair, but didn't want to commit to the look  permanently? These clip in pieces are the perfect way to temporarily perk up your do.

Simply position the piece near your scalp and snap the clip in place. Voila! Instant style.

The pieces are long, and they taper / thin at the ends. This helps them to blend perfectly into existing hairdo. If your hair is shorter than the colored strands, then you can cut the faux pieces to suit your hair style.

These cost us $9.99 at Sally Beauty Supply

We like them because you can add some spunk, yet remove them to convert back to a more conservative look for work or school. They are great for Halloween too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirit Hoods: Fun Accessory or Just Plain Funny?

And you can’t get your guy to put on a Halloween costume…. Conan O’Brien was a great sport for modeling a Spirit Hood (a gift from Vanessa
Hutchens.) Conan said, ‘It looks like you killed an Ewok.’

 Certainly not a favorite everyday look for Conan O‘Brien, and maybe not for Vanessa either. But, can’t you just envision this on a 4-6 year old? That would be cute! We did some research, and they make them!

We love Conan!

You know you want one of these! Ha!
Spirit Hoods for women come in styles such as Grizzly Bear and Nasty Rabbit. Men’s styles and sizes are also available. Although, we’re never going to see a man in a Night Owl style without thinking of Conan’s look. Men's and women's Adult Sizes can be found here:

Children's styles available at

Monday, October 17, 2011

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner for our OPI Pair 'em Scare 'em Halloween Giveaway!  So, the winner is....(drumroll) Anutka!  We need to get these in the mail to you ASAP, so please email us your mailing address.  Our email address is .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween OPI Sets and GLAMBO OPI Giveaway

Can you believe it's October already?  We are on the downhill slippery slope to Christmas, and there's no turning back.  Brace yourself!!

Well, to ease the pain and increase the fun of the holidays, we GlamboGirls thought we'd do a fun giveaway.  In case you haven't laid your eyes on these great little sets OPI has released for Halloween 2011, let us introduce you:

Spookettes is a sweet set of minis, including all of your usual halloween shades, with the cleverest names: He's My Boo, Mummy Knows Best, and I Only Date Werewolves , along with a Glow-in-the Dark shade called Zom-Body to Love.  They also include nail decals of jack-o-lantern faces, bats, spiderwebs and spiders.   This set retails for $12.50 and my favorite tween is loving it this month!

Another set OPI has released for Halloween 2011 is Pair 'em Scare 'em

Pair 'em Scare 'em has full-sized bottles af nail lacquer in Zom-Body to Love (glow-in-the -dark) and Black Shatter.  In case you never got a bottle of Black Shatter, this is a great way to get one.

Zom-Body to Love

Black Shatter over Zom-Body to Love
Fun Stuff!

So, here is the GLAMBO Halloween OPI Giveaway:
We are giving away a brand new Pair 'em Scare'em set to one lucky winner.  In order to enter the contest, you can follow us on Twitter @GlamboGirls, Follow our Blog, Like us on Facebook or comment on this post. 
You can begin today and enter through Oct. 15th 2011.  Winner will be chosen randomly, and announced on October 16th 2011.  Unfortunately, we can only ship nail lacquers within the United States, so winner will have to have a shipping address within the US.

Good Luck
XOXO, GlamboGirls
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