Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars CoverGirl Nail Polish in Revenge Red

It's December 18th, 2015. which means Star Wars: The Force Awakens is officially in the U.S. theaters. This long anticipated movie is accompanied by a themed cosmetic line by CoverGirl.

We were able to find a few items at our local stores. For nail polish, we picked color #180 in Revenge Red. The bottle is .37 fluid ounces of CoverGirl Outlast formula.

A quick, on-the-go photo of
CoverGirl Outlast Star Wars Revenge Red nail polish

We usually use salon brand nail polishes (hence the high number of OPI nail polish posts,) so the bottle was a little different for us. We liked it! The brush is shorter, and the top is square, but it was easily adaptable. Two coats covered well, which is good for a red shade.

We were pleased that the cap lined up after use so that we could swatch the polish with both the Star Wars and CoverGirl logos showing. There is also a CoverGirl Star Wars $5 off $15 rebate right now, AND a Proctor and Gamble $15 off $50 rebate which includes CoverGirl. This made our purchase even better!

Star Wars CoverGirl Outlast color #180 is perfect for the holidays as well as any 'Revenge Red' kind of day. If you are tempted to shop the Star Wars CoverGirl line, click the rebate links above to make the most of your purchases.

May the (Beauty) Force Be With You!

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