Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glambo Girls Guest Post for Royal Wedding

Our favorite tea gal inspired us to post about the royal wedding china. You can view all of the commemorative pieces available for purchase. To do so, click on Marilyn's blog.

It was a privilege to have tea with her in London, Paris, and Victoria, B.C. The Glambo Girls can't wait to bring you all of the latest European beauty trends and fashions as we travel over the pond in the future.

For now, get out your tiara! - in theory. - The royal wedding is less than 12 hours away!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glambo's Review of WEN Haircare - Part II

This is Part II of Glambo's Wen Hair Care Review. See Part I for our experiences with ordering, shipment, and to answer questions like, "How much product should I use?" and "Do you really have to use Wen with cold water?"

Up until now, we've dealt with the call center, were shocked by how many pumps of Wen we needed to use, and applied it to our hair. Now, it's time for the results:

Day one: We each do our hair as usual, using only Wen products. Some of us blow out our hair and one lets her hair air dry. Our initial thoughts are that Wen is ok. The hair looks a little more weighed down than normal, but it doesn't feel that way. The texture isn't transformed but it isn't bad either. We should note that one of us has very coarse, dry, frizzy hair, one is blessed with 'normal' hair, and one of us has fine hair. With dry hair, we didn't think our strands were any softer, and with oily hair, we didn't think it felt greasy. So, that's a good start. We're not in love yet, but we're not disappointed either.

Day two: We are optimistic! When comparing notes, we agree that our hair has more volume the second day. It's soft and smooth. This may work! We might be Wen girls after all.

Day three: WTF? Definitely time for a shampoo. The hair is feeling oily and is looking dirty. Disclosure: We normally wash our hair every other day, and sometimes stretch it to three. You can't do that with Wen. Even a pony tail going to the gym isn't really going to be an option. One of the Glambo Girls is determined to wait until morning, and one can't take it, so she 'cleanses with Wen.' Another decides to spray with Wen and water as directed on the website for a pick-me-up. This doesn't work well.

Day four: Ok, by now, some have washed, some have 'refreshed' and one has endured another day without 'cleansing.' It's BAD all the way around. Everyone cleanses with Wen, and are not really impressed. The hair is looking more weighted down even though it's supposed to be clean. It looks dirtier than our first 'cleansing' and we are wondering if this is going to get worse with every washing.

The dry haired Glambo Girl can't believe her hair is looking dirty and dry at the same time- a first for her. Fine haired and oily haired Glambo Girls are in distress. One agrees to go one more day, and the other is going back to regular shampoo immediately.

The weeks go on: Miss Dry Hair sticks it out until her own mother asks politely, "So, what are you doing to your hair these days?" Translation: "Your hair looks horrible, but I don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you that." She finally got an honest, "Your hair looks REALLY dirty" and a weird look from her mom. This was from using Wen every other day.

Our Sassy Glambo Girl had the best analogy when she stated, "My hair smells like *ss!" And after we all stopped laughing, we realized, she's right! After a couple of days, the hair DOES smell like that! Another disclosure: She does not have some smelly man in her life, and the cat's butt was not next to her on the pillow. We have never known her to smell anything other than lovely, even after a Zumba class. It was the Wen for sure! No doubt about it.

 Is it just us?: We lost another Glambo Girl along the way, so we felt we needed to solicit other opinions before we put the '*ss' comment in writing and gave Wen the hardest Glambo Dis in the history of blogging. We asked around, and found the results to be polarizing. People either really loved Wen or absolutely hated it, promising never to put a drop of the product on their hair again. Out of everyone we knew and talked to, only one person liked it - this includes soliciting opinions from Cosmetologists and their customers at a local hair salon. Two had neutral opinions yet were no longer using it, and the rest gave Wen an unfavorable review.

Our Review:
The infomercials make the product sound amazing, but perhaps, it's Chaz's styling team from the 'after' video that we really want.

They say, "Friends don't let friends shampoo." We say, "Friends don't let friends use Wen." Based upon our personal experiences, this product is getting our strongest 'Glambo Dis' to date.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have A Beautiful Easter!

Who says the Easter Bunny only comes for kids?  This year, we suggest putting together a fun Easter Basket for the Fabulous Beauty Junkie in your life.  It could be your sister, your wife, your mom (oooh, note to self...remember for Mother's Day), even your tween or teenage daughter!

These are fun and easy to assemble, and can be as luxe or affordable as your budget allows. 

The GLAMBOgirls began with a froufrou marabou trimmed basket, available at Pier1 Imports, or Michaels, in purple, green, blue or pink.  We paid under 5 bucks.  Then we filled it with artificial grass, and the fun really began.

Our basket is overflowing with beauty items priced from $1 up! 

We love the idea of including an egg-shaped soap.  Ours is from Origins, but you can find them at your local Bath & Bodyworks.  We also threw in some false eyelashes from ELF (1 buck!), a matchbook full of nail files (1 buck!), Rosebud Salve, Loreal Volumnuous Million Lashes Mascara, Smashbox Fusion Softlights eyeshadow, and Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  We also added OPI Avojuice sample sized lotions, Makeup Forever Aqua Cream eyeshadow, Pureology sample sized shampoo and conditioner, Clinique City Block Sunscreen, Buxom and Bare Minerals lipglosses, Covergirl Shadow Blast, Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray and Oil Treatment, OPI Teenage Dream and Black Shatter nail polish by Katy Perry, and of course, we had to include a Chocolate Bunny! We clipped on an adorable Flower Hairclip (1 buck at Michaels), and voila!

So bottom line, with a little creativity, you can put a beautiful basket together at any price point that might make the Easter Bunny a little jealous!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beware of These Easter Ducks!

Awww.  Everyone loves little baby ducks and those sugary baby chick Peeps around this time of year.   But just because it's Easter, that doesn't mean it's ok to get carried away with the whole duck thing.  Glambogirls feel the need to warn our friends to steer clear of these scary Duckie Trends:



Monday, April 18, 2011

Ped Eggs - Still a Favorite

Ped Eggs have been around for a while, and they have become a product that we love. At first, we resisted the commercials that seemed to be everywhere. We were finally converted when the manicurists at the salon were singing their praises. It's a great way to remove rough, dry skin from heels and other problem areas. If you haven't purchased a Ped Egg yet (or if you have worn out the one you already have,) Easter season might be time to buy this special type of egg. They come with a handle now, which is convenient for those that find it awkward to bend over to use the hand-held style. Ped Eggs are ergonomic, and are easy to use on dry feet before showering. We use a foot file to smooth after each Ped Egg use, and have even been known to use the Ped Egg before a pedicure appointment.

If you are still using a blade (which we were guilty of doing,) the Ped Egg is better. It makes the dry patches more manageable without the risk of cuts. Glambo suggests that you NEVER allow a manicurist to use a blade, since they are against State Board Regulations in most states.

Left side of photo:
 Ped Egg blade. It may look like a cheese grater, but it's a great tool for smoothing heels.

Right side of photo:

Handled blades which are often unsanitary, can cause injury, and are often illegal for professional manicurists to use on clients.

Do you have a Ped Egg? Ours gets a Glambo Kiss of Approval.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glambo's Review of WEN Haircare - Part I

Chances are, if you have fallen asleep in front of the TV recently, you have awakened to an infomercial for Wen. With celebrity endorsements and claims that Wen is 'revolutionary', the Glambo girls decided to give Wen hair care a whirl.

The premise: Shampoos contain harsh chemicals that actually strip the hair, leaving dull damaged locks behind. Wen is a 'cleansing conditioner' that doesn't strip your hair's natural oils, and supposedly, it leaves your hair 'with sheen, moisture, manageability and better color retention.'

Ordering: Better hair with just one use? We're in! Three Glambo girls agreed to try Wen, each having a different type and texture of hair. Time to order. We looked online and also called the Wen call center. Not surprisingly, they wanted credit card information to ensure auto-shipment and regular billing. Already, we are not a fan of that. The price for a 30 day supply plus 'bonus' products is $29.95. If you refuse to give your account information for future use, the price goes up to $49.95. The Wen Rep sells you on how beneficial it is to give your credit card digits 'to save money.'

It's here!: The Wen arrives, and we read the directions on our bottles more closely. We were shocked to see the amount of product advised per use: 16-24 pumps! We could feel carpal tunnel setting in just from the idea of dispensing the product. After a quick double check of the Wen website online, we confirmed the amount suggested for use. We were hoping to post a photo of what 20 pumps looks like in your hand. It's A LOT!

Question:  Are you supposed to wash and rinse your hair in cool water? Apparently, on the QVC infomercial, we are told cold water is suggested to obtain the best results. The Glambo Girls are ready to take one for the team and blog all about it. Cold water it is! All in the name of research. Brrrr!

Application: It feels like a handful of conditioner sliding through our hair. We each have long locks, and were able to use the recommended amount, but that is A LOT of product. We are wondering just how long this bottle will last because even 16 pumps looks like less than a 30 day supply. Two of the three of us committed to cold water and endured brisque showers for Wen. Not fun.

As this is probably our longest review, we broke it up into two posts. Click Glambo's Review of Wen Hair Care - Part II for our experiences with auto-shipment and to see how Wen performed daily. You won't BELIEVE our final assessment!!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Avon Easter Favorites

With Easter Sunday just one week away, Glambo moms, aunties and grandmas have just enough time to order basket goodies from Avon.

We love the Avon Kid's Bathtime Body Paints. One catalog had a special for just 99 cents each. We found five for $4.00 online.

Paints seem like a fun idea for bathtime, but the marker style was bothersome. How do you explain to a toddler that it is okay to only color on the bathroom walls with just these specific pens? When they draw you a picture on your kitchen cabinets, you can't be surprised. The shape of the Avon paints is not that of an ink pen, yet they are still fun and easy for kids to use. The reviews are great!

Also be sure to check out the Spring Candy Lip Balm for just 69 cents each, and the Spring Hand Cream for 99 cents. Adults and kids alike will enjoy these two beauty finds.

You can order from your Avon Rep or go to  to find one near you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

OPI - Katy Perry Colors & Black Shatter

We love 'em!

The Teenage Dream seen here was so pretty that it was almost disappointing to cover it with Black Shatter. It is a cheerful, pale pink with two types and sizes of glitter. The bottle matches the polished result on your nails.

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream / nails match the bottle

The Last Friday Night blue is very pretty once applied. Look at this gorgeous light blue! But wait- the bottle color looks dark. Well... it took us SEVEN coats to get close to that shade. We could have added a few more to obtain the color we thought we had purchased. Last Friday Night is a beautiful shade even with just two coats. It's a color you won't regret giving a try.

Left Fingers: THREE coats
Right Fingers: TWO coats
Katy Perry Last Friday Night by OPI

It took us SEVEN coats to achieve
 the color portrayed here.

Honestly, the Not Like the Movies polish was the one that Colleen L. was the least excited about, and Silvia L. liked right away. That changed once we polished our nails. It's our new favorite! It looks great on every skin tone. The alternating lavender and green hues over the polishes' steel grey base keep it fun and fresh. In certain lighting, one hand had a purple-esque look while the other hand reflected a soft green. Neat!

Left: Not Like the Movies / Right: The One that Got Away

The One that Got Away is described as a 'deep berry' and has a slight shimmer. .... It's a nice twist on similar shades that are so popular they are a nail polish / pedicure staple. This one is sure to be a top-seller.

The Black Shatter is still all the buzz. Jimmy Fallon even commented on Maria Menounos' shattered manicure recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Click Here to view.

Glambo has multiple posts about Black Shatter and all the shatter/ crackle colors. Take a look around our blog and bookmark it if you are becoming a shatter fanatic. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 8, 2011


We here at Glambo love our Beauty Products, but let's face it, in this economy, no one wants to spend a lot of money, but we all want to look and feel beautiful. One of our secret weapons for looking fabulous, and spending less is using EBATES.

It's easy. Just use the button on the top right hand side of our blog, or at the end of this post and it will take you to Ebates, where you can sign up in about 20 seconds flat. Once you're set up, you can shop all of the participating stores, earning rebates, which are paid quarterly. I have personally received many BIG FAT CHECKS in the mail from Ebates, especially after doing my Christmas shopping.

They have tons of participating stores, with substantial rebates. Lancome is 7%, Nordstrom is 5%, Sephora is 4%, and many offer free shipping. It all adds up. Today, their Double Daily Deal (double the rebate) is on, and the rebate is 12% of your purchase!! So, register today, and make it a habit, whenever shopping online, to go to Ebates first, search for the store you want to shop, then click the link, which takes you to the store website, and keeps track of how much you spent, in order to tally up your BIG FAT CHECK, which you will receive quarterly.

Quick and Easy! This gets a big fat GLAMBO KISS OF APPROVAL!

For a quickstart, they deposit $5 in your rebate account as soon as you join. Just click the button below, or on the righthand top of our blog, and get started! After you sign in, you can even go to and order some of the awesome eos (Evolution of Smooth) shavecream we reviewed a while back and get 12% while you get super smooth.

Happy Beauty Shopping!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Black Shatter - So Popular Even Jimmy Fallon will Notice Your Manicure

Maria Menounos appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night. She stopped by to chat and promote her book, 'The Everygirls Guide to Life' - which we can't wait to read! The Late Night host sees her nails and Maria talks about OPI's Katy Perry Black Shatter here: We also like Black Shatter over silver. Maria should take Glambo's tip and touch up the ends. With the polished shatter effect, you can get away with an imperfect manicure by brushing more black shatter over the chipped edges.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Love our Readers!

Glambo wants to give a BIG THANKS to everyone that participated in our April Fools joke - and A LOT of you did! Ha! Ha!

You should keep in touch with us for more fun posts and honest beauty reviews. We have some fantastic contests and product give-aways coming up, so be sure to:

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Colleen L, Silvia L, and the Glambo Review Team
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