Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wen Hair Care Lawsuit Filed

Hello Beauties!

Back in 2011, we tested Wen Hair Care, and subsequently wrote our most scathing review of a product ever. We didn't have the issues that are listed in the lawsuit below. However, we did discontinue use. Our Sassy Glambo Girl had the funniest, most honest phrase to describe her experience.

To see our reviews, click Glambo's Review of Wen Hair Care - Part I and Glambo's Review of Wen Hair Care - Part II. You can also find the reviews in our Glambo Dis section, which is how we 'keep it real' around here.
They say, "Friends don't let friends use shampoo."
We said, "Friends don't let friends use (order) Wen."

The article detailing the lawsuit is listed here.


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