Thursday, March 22, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colours - Hook and Line, District 4

Well, that's a long title and description for a long awaited nail polish! Thousands of people are lining up this evening to see the midnight showing and release of The Hunger Games movie. We, here at Glambo, are wearing our Hunger Games nail polish, specifically Hook and Line, District 4 (fishing.) And, we dressed it up with a polish from District 1 (luxury) Luxe and Lush.

The Hunger Games, Hook and Line, District 1

Before you look at our nail pics, know this: Our swatches were hexed! Just before picking up our entire collection of The Hunger Games colours, my nails snapped and broke (so low that they bled. I know, gross, right?) So, please forgive the stubby nails. Of all the nail polishes that we have tried this year while blogging, it almost seems appropriate that this happened with The Hunger Games collection. It's an imperfect, sometimes violent world.

On to the polish:

Hook and Line might seem a little drab in the bottle, but once applied, the color grew on me. The application color matched the bottle on the first coat, but it was sheer. We normally apply two coats over a base, and with two coats the color was darker, greyer and slightly bluer. At first, I preferred the lighter shade, but once Hook and Line was topped with Luxe and Lush, District 1, it was even prettier.

We are reviewing Luxe and Lush, District 1 separately, but we can tell you that we really liked this polish too. It's sure to be a favorite out of the entire collection, and it sold out quickly in stores. We like that the iridescent flecks are all random, odd shapes, not perfectly round circles like other polishes. Again, it's appropriate for The Hunger Games.

China Glaze Hunger Games Capitol Colours
Luxe and Lush over Hook and Line
For those that read The Hunger Games books, we hope you like the movie and get a chance to enjoy The Hunger Games Capitol Colours collection. We have more swatches coming soon, so stay tuned to Glambo.

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