Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fashion Tips for Shark Week

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week begins tonight. In honor of this highly anticipated event (they have a Great White segment this year!) we Glambo Girls thought that we would share our amateur, non-scientific tips to avoid a close encounter beyond the television screen.

Farrah made it famous, but we prefer not to wear anything close to the color ‘blood red’ while hanging out in the surf. Just sayin' … it’s a personal preference.

No Silver Bikinis:   
Sure, a silver bikini might help you attract a man, but we have a fear that the shiny metallic fabric might also attract something over ten feet long sporting a fin. In general, bikinis are fine for sunbathing, but are not advisable as ocean wear unless you plan to reappear topless or bottomless anyway. 

Skip the Jewelry:
We don't like to wear anything on a boat or in the water that we are not willing to part with. Shark Week is a reminder that our sparkly accessories resemble the material that fishing lures are made of.

No Bathing Suit Hardware:
Although embellishments add interest in fashion design, the same rule applies here as with the shiny jewelry. We wear nothing that could peak the curiosity of under water creatures.

No Metallic Nail Polish:
Lastly, we love our OPI Silver Shatter, but not during Shark Week. The radiant sparkles on our fingers and toes may prove to be too tempting. Again, no metallics, no rhinestones or shimmering nail art. No way! We like our toes.

We hope you enjoyed our paranoid fashion tips! Shark Week premiers Sunday, July 31 at 9pm and lasts through August 5th on the Discovery Channel. Until next time....

Dah-Da… Dah-Da… Dah-da, dah-da…/   \ .. Dah-da…..
                                                              /      \


Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Chance to Get DSW's Free Anniversary Tote!

GlamboGirls are definitely all about a cute giveaway, and today is the last day to score the tres chic DSW tote, free with any $39 online purchase. The promo code is 20YEARS. This tote looks perfect for a fashionable beach tote or travel bag. 

Even better, shipping is free too with a $35 minimum purchase! Just be sure to enter promo code SHIPR.

Dont forget to use your Ebates account, too for 4% back on your purchase like we did.  If you aren't signed up with Ebates, you can use the link on the right side of our blog.

Enjoy your beautiful find for the day.  We know we will!
See the fine print below for the free tote.

To redeem online:
Offer valid for logged in DSW Rewards members on orders.
Search for and add the 20 Year Tote, or item number 226804, to your
shopping bag along with your purchase of $39 or more. Then, enter
offer code 20YEARS at checkout, and the 20 Year Tote will be re-priced
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 While supplies last. Redeemable online for one-time use only, ending
July 25, 2011. One free 20 Year Tote with any purchase of $39 or more
 (not including tax) per customer. Can be combined with up to two certificates
 (e.g., Rewards certificates) but cannot be combined with other offers
 (e.g. 20% off). Not valid for gift cards, past purchases, tax, or cash.
 Free 20 Year Tote cannot be returned for cash, credit, or exchange.
If you make a return and your order total falls below the qualifying amount,
 you will be charged $29.95 for the 20 Year Tote. Terms and conditions are
 subject to change at the discretion of DSW. Customer Service: 1.866.DSW.SHOES

Saturday, July 23, 2011

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

Have you been curious about using dry shampoos? We were too, and have been testing them for a while now. This type product seems to be increasing in popularity, so Glambo is starting a series of reviews titled, 'Battle of the Dry Shampoos!' For Round One, we have selected TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.

TRESemmé Fresh Start comes in two formulas. One is labeled Dry Shampoo for oily/straight to normal hair, which we tried, and the other is a waterless foam for dry/curly to normal hair. At first glance, this can be a little confusing. What if you have straight, dry hair?

The Waterless Foam should be selected for curly hair styles. Think back to when you had a perm and wanted to re-activate your curls. If you have straight hair, you won’t want the wetness and moisture of the foam, so stick to the Dry Shampoo formula. 

TRESemmé Fresh Start has a slight chemically citrus smell. It sprays on like an aerosol hair spray. It will leave white powdery marks on brunette hair, so make sure you comb through your tresses as the instructions state. That’s all it takes to remove the white marks, but if you skip this step, it will look like you missed a spot coloring or like you just rubbed up against wet paint. Another tip is to lift the hair and spray the roots from underneath instead of spraying the top of your do. Make sure you shake the can well prior to each use.
We like that it is readily available at drug and grocery stores and can be purchased for under $6 per can. While we wouldn't use it daily,  TRESemmé Fresh Start is a good option for days that you've overslept, or plan to go to the gym and shampoo  later.  

Stayed tuned for more reviews of contenders in Glambo's Battle of the Dry Shampoos...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our First Pink Wednesday

Hello Everyone! We just joined a fun website, 'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.' You may recognize the line from the movie, Mean Girls. While we at Glambo are not mean, we like the movie and are definitely nail polish enthusiasts. So, here we are, on our first Pink Wednesday, sharing a new favorite pink polish, OPI Shorts Story. It's a fun, bright pink that goes on slightly darker and brighter than the bottle conveys. We think you will love it! Shorts Story is such a happy color, yet you can still get away with wearing it at the office.

We're actually a little disappointed with our photo, as it doesn't do the nail polish justice. Sadly, it was the best picture of the bunch. But, as you can see, this euphoric color perked up even the simplest of manicures. We'll add more pictures later, both as traditional swatches and as a base coat for a shattered look.

For now, we at Glambo can definitely say, 'On Wednesdays, we wear pink.'

Sunday, July 10, 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

John Frieda is our third brand of foam hair color we have reviewed here at Glambo. (See L'Oreal Sublime Mousse and Clairol Nice N Easy posts.) This is our overall favorite of the foams so far, with one exception:

The color shown on the box is misleading and does not match the end result on the hair. The black and white photo on the front may seem more artsy, but it is not helpful when picking a color for your strands. The John Frieda Foam Precision Hair Colour is usually found in a separate section near the shelves of other hair color brands. At first, we thought it was just the store lighting, and we actually purchased a brown-black color. Knowing that anything with the name 'black' is going to be super dark, it was later exchanged for 4BG Dark Chocolate Brown. We had to rely heavily on the name versus the pictures shown on the box. At least for the brunettes, the John Frieda foam colors will dye your hair darker than what is shown. The best indicator we found is the photo on the side of the box. (See Photo Below, but even her hair looks highlighted to us.) Plan on spending some time in the store selecting a box to take home.

Once the stress of actually picking a color was behind us, we opened the box to see the contents and read the directions. We were pleasantly impressed. John Frieda seems to be going for more of a high-end look. We like the thicker gloves and the fact that we didn't have to peel them off of the directions. These have a surgeon's style tighter fit to them. The bottle of conditioner looks like a travel size that you might pick up at a beauty supply store.

One thing to note when preparing to color with John Frieda Precision Foam is that you do not shake the bottle to mix the color. The sticker is a great last minute reminder for the do-it-yourself hair color pros who are accustomed to the shake!shake!shake! It mixed well after tilting the bottle 5 times as per the directions.

It's recommended to dispense a tennis ball size amount of color into your hand to apply to the hair. Do not squeeze the contents of the bottle directly onto the hair in order to ensure even application.

The foam did not drip, although it will definitely stain if it gets on your skin or countertops. Don't get spoiled and lazy by the ease of application and look for drops that may have spattered. We had a lock of hair graze an arm, and it left it's dark mark. There is an ammonia smell that will make itself known a few times throughout the coloring process, so don't be surprised by that. After all the anxiety over color selection, we noticed that the inside flap of the box has the color listed so that you can cut that tab and save it for future reference. That is a great, much needed bit of assistance.  

We used this product twice. It was applied once to my own hair, and the second time, we tried 5B Medium Chocolate Brown on another model with white /grey roots. The coverage for resistant greys was good, but not perfect. We have yet to find an at-home hair color that is, and will be shouting from the roof-tops when we do. We were correct in our assumption that the actual hair color is darker than the pictures and are glad we took our time finding the right color. Overall, John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is a good buy, once you determine the best shade for you. It is easy to apply, and it colors well without overly drying the hair. This foam hair color gets a Glambo Kiss on the Cheek.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser

Glambo truly is your girlfriend’s guide to beauty. Even we Glambo Girls consult our dearest friends occasionally for beauty advice. One glamorous diva we know has sensitive skin, and is extremely diligent about her nightly routine. I have never known her to skip a night of removing her make-up, which is more than we can say (especially when we give a new mascara the ‘sleep test.’)

So, we asked this gorgeous honorary Glambo Girl, ‘What are you currently using to remove your make-up at night?’ She responded with a glowing recommendation for Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser.

We bought a bottle to try and review, and we are hooked. We like that it has a pump dispenser, making it convenient to use after a long day. It cleans while removing make-up, and isn‘t too harsh or drying. The bottle states that it removes eye make-up. However, we weren’t talented enough to properly lather the eye area without getting soap in our eyes. It did remove most of our eyeliner, etc., but we still prefer to use eye make-up remover first. We agree with our friend’s overall assessment, and will continue to use it daily.

Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser seems to be a good solution for all ages and skin types, and for that reason, it gets a Glambo Kiss of Approval.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Glambo's Red, White & Blue Manicure

Happy 4th of July Everybody!


In honor of U.S. Independence Day, we decided to post our Red, White and Blue Manicure. Silvia L. created this look with Red and Blue Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat on top of a white base.

Wearing red today? Why not try one of OPI's Blue or Navy Shatter Polishes? (See pictures and our review HERE.)

Whatever your plans this Fourth of July weekend, we hope that you have a safe and happy holiday as we celebrate and enjoy America's independence and freedom.

Friday, July 1, 2011

OPI Navy & Blue Shatter Swatches

The OPI Color Shatters are here, and Glambo has swatched the blues:

Pictured below: OPI Blue Shatter over Last Friday Night, which goes on as a pale blue glitter. Shatters don't separate as well over glitter polishes, but they make the cracks sparkle in the light. Therefore, we are fond of this polish under the brighly colored electric blue shatter.

Here's OPI Blue Shatter over OPI Go-On Green, which appears as a light blue based subtle green. Look at the difference in the crackle effect, as this polish is not glitter based.

OPI Blue Shatter over OPI Go-On Green

OPI Navy Shatter looks good on your nails, but if it gets on your skin, it will remind you of that favorite blue pen that leaked, so apply it with care. The Navy Shatter isn't as harsh as the black, but the color still goes with everything. We tried it over DS Classic, a tan sparkle, and Steady As She Rose, a pink from the POTC collection.

OPI Navy Shatter over OPI Steady As She Rose

OPI Navy Shatter over OPI DS Classic

We never thought we would be polishing our nails with bright blue and navy, but we like it. You could say, 'Glambo has the blues,' but in a good way.

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