Saturday, May 14, 2011

OPI Black Shatter vs. Silver Shatter: See the Difference HERE!

If you are new to shatter polishes, or have tried the black and want to apply the silver, here is all the information you will need to know:

OPI Black Shatter is part of the Katy Perry Collection. (Click Here to see Glambo's review.) It came out in early 2011 and was an instant hit! Stores sold out of their supply immediately and were backordered for weeks. Silver Shatter is from OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection. It was released May 1st, and is also proving difficult to capture. Although both colors ‘shatter,’ there are differences in the application technique to acheive the optimal effect.

Pictured here:
Black Shatter over silver nail polish (left), and Silver Shatter over black nail polish(right).

Black Shatter should be applied with very thin strokes: The thinner the better to for the most crackled effect. Black Shatter has a matte finish, and top coat is necessary to add some shine. The Black Shatter gives nails a leather-like feel. When it chips (as all manicures eventually do,) it will come off in chunks along the crackle lines.

For those that think Black Shatter polish makes your nails look goth, then Silver Shatter will give a futuristic impression. The Silver Shatter polish is thinner. It appears to have a clear base that is infused with silver shimmer. Unlike the Black Shatter, thicker application strokes are necessary to get the most shattered look. The Silver Shatter does seem to take longer to break apart than the black. You may also get ‘glitter cuticles’ when first applying Silver Shatter. It’s happened to us several times, and is easy to clean up with polish remover. It wears well, and due to the lighter color, is less noticeable when it chips.

CLICK HERE to view OPI's Video "How to Apply Silver Shatter."

With both polishes:

  • Do NOT go over the same area twice. That spot will not crackle if you do.
  • Use a top coat once the shatter polish has dried. A three minute wait time is suggested.
  • Crackle polishes do not shatter as well over a glittery base color. Keep that in mind when you are selecting a color to show through your shatter.
  • Due to the drying effect of the shatter, keep the bottle covered as much as possible.
  • You can touch up the tips of your nails when the polish eventually chips. That will extend the wear of your manicure for a few more days.
  • Both polishes will get you noticed! Don’t be surprised if complete strangers comment on your nails.
Personally, the Glambo Girls prefer contrast between the base color and the shatter. One of our favorite combinations is OPI Black Shatter over white.

The Pirates of the Caribbean colors are light and muted, but we love the silver shatter over brighter, darker shades. To see Silver Shatter over POTC shades, CLICK HERE. (Note the pale, Steady as She Rose. The camera picked up more contrast than you initially notice with the naked eye.)

To see how OPI Shatter polishes measure up against China Glaze Crackle colors, CLICK HERE.

More shatter colors are coming from OPI. Expect to see white, navy, turquoise, blue and red on the beauty supply shelves soon.

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