Sunday, May 29, 2011

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipstick

You’ve likely seen the commercials for CoverGirl’s LipPerfection promoting 7 days to soft, beautiful lips (vs. bare lips.)

This lipstick goes on silky smooth, and is not overly thick or sticky. It has an angled tip, and glides on well.  We should know.  We literally tried eight different shades between us Glambo Girls.

For a review, we personally test a product for a  week, minimum. Because we have different skin tones, we try a broad range of shades. We kept purchasing LipPerfection Lipsticks simply because the color goes on more vibrant than the depiction shown on the bottom of the tube. It wears brighter than what you would expect from looking at the actual lipstick, and we were searching for our personal neutral that we could wear daily.

We laughed when the pinky/purple shades wore off as though we had been licking a lollipop. These vibrant lipsticks will get you noticed! We independently noted a few extra stares from men after applying LipPerfection. Our suspicions were confirmed when we starting hearing comments like, “Wow! You look really great. Did you change your make-up?” from guys we know. Then, a girlfriend saw one of us wearing #350 Euphoria (which looked slightly red) and said “Ohhh who do you have that lipstick on for?”

The color lasts! This surprised us because other creamy lipsticks don’t always have staying power. We even prefer it over CoverGirl’s Outlast Lipstain. Some of us are sensitive to the flavor of a lipstick, and can say that this one is acceptable. #385 Feline wears brighter than the color on the tube, but is pretty. #345 Everlasting turned out to be a glittery red, yet we didn’t see glitter in the tube and it wasn’t described that way on the packaging. It was like Dorothy‘s little red shoe for your lips. #265 Romance ended up being a nice neutral for lighter skin. #235 Ferver and #295 Rich were our favorites as a raisin color for tan skin. (Beware: The colors shown online are not even close to the actual shade on the lips.)

After seven days, our lips were soft. We continue to use our favorites of the bunch. If you want to try CoverGirl LipPerfection, shop wisely to find your ideal shade of this outgoing lip color. Be prepared to try a few, and know that you will get positive attention from every ‘off, bright, and crazy’ shade that you apply.

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