Wednesday, May 11, 2011

L'OREAL Sublime Mousse Hair Color

We like the idea of a foam hair color that you can apply in front of the mirror, work through your hair and rinse out like shampoo. (Just remember to wear a button-up top first.) L'oreal’s Sublime Mousse box contains the three basic tubes you would normally see with at-home hair color, plus a pump-top applicator. You pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 screw on the foam dispensing applicator.

DO NOT SHAKE the product. Roll it to mix it together. I didn’t see that in the instructions at first. The directions also state that you should pump the product into your hands and not directly onto the hair. This also went against my natural instincts, especially since I prefer to apply color to the roots first. Pumping product into the hands was an easy adjustment, and it also gave me the opportunity to try the ‘upside-down’ test. I put the mousse in my hand and flipped it over like the commercial. I did this quickly because I was a big chicken, but it didn’t drip! Kudos to L'oreal for that! The product goes on easily without spattering. They say to pump the bottle one time before the initial application, but we didn’t have any issues with our first pump. The mixed product will darken in the bottle throughout the process, which is normal for most hair colors.

Contents of L'Oreal Sublime
Mousse - also includes gloves
The mousse formula provides thorough saturation for even distribution of the color, and there was an ample amount of product to cover longer hair. We like that Loreal Sublime Mousse had a lower odor than some hair color products, and even provided a slightly fruity smell. The applicator worked well all the way through to the last pump. Keep the bottle straight to dispense the foam even when it appears there isn’t a lot left in the bottle. This is much better than shaking a bottle to get out the last dregs of product to apply to your hair. (See Glambo's assessment of Clairol Nice N Easy Foam to compare.)

The box boasts 100% grey coverage in 30 minutes. I am used to leaving the product on longer for resistant grey hair. We used L'oreal Sublime Mousse twice; once on our greyest hair model, and the second time I applied it to my own hair (which I will disclose I absolutely hate doing because of the mess.) For our grey /white hair model, we left it on exactly 30 minutes. It covered well, but the color on the white hair wasn’t as dark as the rest of the previously treated hair - even with doing the roots first. It did blend, and I would give it a 7 out of a 10 for coverage that time. The second go-around, we left it on a little longer on the grey roots (although the box does not say to do that.) The color blended, but was still a little lighter than the previously colored sections. It completely covered the highlights in the hair though. L'oreal Sublime Mousse is an excellent option for people that are just beginning to color their hair at home, or hate that simply detest the mess.

To compare L'oreal Sublime Mousse to Glambo’s other foam hair color reviews, click Clairol Nice N Easy and John Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

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