Sunday, May 8, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter with Pirates of the Caribbean Colors

The Glambo Girls have captured the elusive Silver Shatter by OPI. It is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection, which also includes the colors:

OPI Silver Shatter over
Sparrow Me the Drama
Planks A Lot, Mermaids Tears, Stranger Tides, Skull & Glossbones, and the two we tried:

Sparrow Me the Drama and Steady as She Rose.

OPI, POC Steady as She Rose
with Silver Shatter
We feel fortunate to get our Silver Shatter supply since it appears to be a challenge to acquire like it’s cousin, Black Shatter of the OPI Katy Perry collection. The Silver Shatter is a littler darker than we had expected from the ads, but we like it. When you open the bottle, the polish itself appears as a clear base infused silver shimmer. The color leans more toward a charcoal hue instead of a super light grayish glitter. We found the silver shatter works best with heavy brush application and few strokes. If you go back over an area, it will be covered in silver glitter and not crackle on that spot. It does take a while for the silver to break apart. We preferred a darker base color, like the Sparrow Me the Drama because it gives more contrast to the silver, and you can see the shatter effect better.  
OPI Sparrow Me the Drama

After wearing OPI Silver Shatter for a week, the polish does hold up well with minimal chipping. (Nails can easily be touched up to extend a manicure, thanks to the shatter effect.)

More OPI Silver Shatter posts will follow, so check back with us here on our blog and on Facebook.
One quick coat of
OPI Steady as She Rose

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