Friday, April 15, 2011

OPI - Katy Perry Colors & Black Shatter

We love 'em!

The Teenage Dream seen here was so pretty that it was almost disappointing to cover it with Black Shatter. It is a cheerful, pale pink with two types and sizes of glitter. The bottle matches the polished result on your nails.

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream / nails match the bottle

The Last Friday Night blue is very pretty once applied. Look at this gorgeous light blue! But wait- the bottle color looks dark. Well... it took us SEVEN coats to get close to that shade. We could have added a few more to obtain the color we thought we had purchased. Last Friday Night is a beautiful shade even with just two coats. It's a color you won't regret giving a try.

Left Fingers: THREE coats
Right Fingers: TWO coats
Katy Perry Last Friday Night by OPI

It took us SEVEN coats to achieve
 the color portrayed here.

Honestly, the Not Like the Movies polish was the one that Colleen L. was the least excited about, and Silvia L. liked right away. That changed once we polished our nails. It's our new favorite! It looks great on every skin tone. The alternating lavender and green hues over the polishes' steel grey base keep it fun and fresh. In certain lighting, one hand had a purple-esque look while the other hand reflected a soft green. Neat!

Left: Not Like the Movies / Right: The One that Got Away

The One that Got Away is described as a 'deep berry' and has a slight shimmer. .... It's a nice twist on similar shades that are so popular they are a nail polish / pedicure staple. This one is sure to be a top-seller.

The Black Shatter is still all the buzz. Jimmy Fallon even commented on Maria Menounos' shattered manicure recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Click Here to view.

Glambo has multiple posts about Black Shatter and all the shatter/ crackle colors. Take a look around our blog and bookmark it if you are becoming a shatter fanatic. Thanks for stopping by!

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