Saturday, April 16, 2011

Avon Easter Favorites

With Easter Sunday just one week away, Glambo moms, aunties and grandmas have just enough time to order basket goodies from Avon.

We love the Avon Kid's Bathtime Body Paints. One catalog had a special for just 99 cents each. We found five for $4.00 online.

Paints seem like a fun idea for bathtime, but the marker style was bothersome. How do you explain to a toddler that it is okay to only color on the bathroom walls with just these specific pens? When they draw you a picture on your kitchen cabinets, you can't be surprised. The shape of the Avon paints is not that of an ink pen, yet they are still fun and easy for kids to use. The reviews are great!

Also be sure to check out the Spring Candy Lip Balm for just 69 cents each, and the Spring Hand Cream for 99 cents. Adults and kids alike will enjoy these two beauty finds.

You can order from your Avon Rep or go to  to find one near you.

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