Monday, April 18, 2011

Ped Eggs - Still a Favorite

Ped Eggs have been around for a while, and they have become a product that we love. At first, we resisted the commercials that seemed to be everywhere. We were finally converted when the manicurists at the salon were singing their praises. It's a great way to remove rough, dry skin from heels and other problem areas. If you haven't purchased a Ped Egg yet (or if you have worn out the one you already have,) Easter season might be time to buy this special type of egg. They come with a handle now, which is convenient for those that find it awkward to bend over to use the hand-held style. Ped Eggs are ergonomic, and are easy to use on dry feet before showering. We use a foot file to smooth after each Ped Egg use, and have even been known to use the Ped Egg before a pedicure appointment.

If you are still using a blade (which we were guilty of doing,) the Ped Egg is better. It makes the dry patches more manageable without the risk of cuts. Glambo suggests that you NEVER allow a manicurist to use a blade, since they are against State Board Regulations in most states.

Left side of photo:
 Ped Egg blade. It may look like a cheese grater, but it's a great tool for smoothing heels.

Right side of photo:

Handled blades which are often unsanitary, can cause injury, and are often illegal for professional manicurists to use on clients.

Do you have a Ped Egg? Ours gets a Glambo Kiss of Approval.

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