Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revlon Custom Eyes at Target

Two Glambo Girls walk into a store... They each have different complexions and skin tones, yet they both independently pick out the exact same set of eyeshadows. Sounds like the beginning of a bad bar joke, right?

It's true. We wanted to try Revlon Custom Eyes and were both drawn to the neutral set of colors exclusive to Target. We applied it several times and compared notes.

The set includes a black, great for using as a liner or a smokey eye; a glittered gold, used for the inside corner of the eye, but beware, that glitter travels onto the rest of your face; a taupe for the base of the lid, which we really liked; a white shimmer, which we used under the brow line; and a brown with gold glitter flecks. The brown didn't go on as dark as we thought it would, and the glitter didn't really transfer onto the eyelid. We used the applicator that came with the set a few times, then switched back to our usual make-up brushes. The brown applied better with our version.

It opens from the side, not the top of the shadows.

After using Revlon Custom Eyes for quite some time, we noticed the guide on the back. Turns out, we were using all the colors in the 'correct' suggested places.

Application Guide for Revlon Custom Eyes

We both liked the neutral tones. Like most eye shadow sets, we continued to use some colors more than others. We eventually added a shadow that we already had to create our daily look. For a drug store brand, we liked it, and would buy it again.

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  1. I've never saw these before. I think next time I am at Target I will give them a try! Did they have lots of color choices!?

    If you get a chance, please check out my blog and please subscribe! I subbed to you so I can read move reviews!

    Thanks again for introducing me to a product that I didnt know about!


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