Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glambo Reviews Cami Secret - Shhhh!

Front of Cami Secret Package
The secret is that if you are a busty girl (and therefore need to cover a lot of cleavage,) Cami Secret doesn't work! We loved the idea. Those of us that developed generously know it's hard to find clothes that fit properly. Tank tops worn under shirts add bulk to the waist. The mock camisole seemed like a great solution. We hoped it would be an opportunity to expand our hard to fit wardrobe. A little extra coverage can go a long way to make that top more appropriate for the office or even for church. (No girl wants to see her Pastor, Priest, Rabbi or Bishop with the girls poppin' out.)

The package contains three mock camis; one white, one nude / beige, and one black.
The problem is that using Cami Secret to cover big boobs is like trying to cover a big bootie with a thong! It just doesn't work!

The First Set of Problems:
The camis are not that wide, and the V shape at the bottom is too severe. When laid over our bras, the bottom of the cami barely touched the top of the underwire between the breasts. (It definitely shows more coverage in the commercials and on the package.) We were worried that the 'flap' would come out the top of the neckline of our shirt. Talk about embarrassing! That would draw more attention to our breasts than simply showing cleavage.

Problem 2: The clasps are too small to go around full figured bra straps. We actually had to fold over the strap of the bra to get the cami clasp to close. Then, one side popped off and opened. We joked about poking our eye out. And, no, we are not putting pictures of our boobs on the Internet - even for the sake of beauty blogging. :)

Good Luck Getting this Clasp Around your Bra Strap!

Photo of Back of
Cami Secret Packaging.
'Gap' text added.
Problem 3: The clasp needs to go around the bra strap, but that point is higher up on the bra for large cup sizes. It put the top/ lacy part of the Cami Secret too close to the base of the neck (about the width of three to four fingers for us.) That's too much coverage over the chest area, and not enough over the bustline, as we previously described.

Problem 4: The Gap
There was a huge space between the cami and the bra. The photo on the back of the package shows a slight gap, but it was MUCH larger in real life. Depending on the cut of the shirt, the edge of the cami could show, along with some skin -
in all the wrong places!

Cami Secret, we want to like you, but for raising the hopes of busty women everywhere, and then failing to deliver, you get a Glambo DIS!

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