Thursday, January 12, 2012

OPI GelColor

Hello Beauties! We Glambo Girls always love to share the latest and greatest beauty finds, and today, we are super excited about OPI's upcoming release of their GelColor line. We got a sneak peek at our local pro beauty supply. They only had two bottles and aren't even allowed to sell them yet, so we feel lucky to get a glimpse to share.

What is OPI GelColor? Basically, it's a gel nail formula that you can apply just like regular nail polish, then cure with a light. There are gel nail products on the market right now, but GelColor is a little different. Unlike it's closest counterpart (aka competition /CND Shellac,) this formula uses a LED light instead of a UV light AND cures in just 30 seconds! Plus, it comes in 30 shades of OPI's existing most popular colors. That means that there is a regular bottle of nail polish we can use for that little bit of outgrowth or to match for a non-gel pedicure. Manicurists will love the price point, because for just a few dollars more than the competitive brand, OPI gives an extra .50 ounce of product.

OPI already has Axxium, which is a colored gel nail product that comes in little pots and is applied with a separate nail brush. Although that product is good, we LOVE the idea of GelColor. There is something about the traditional looking bottle of nail polish with it's own brush that is appealing. All of the OPI bottles are black with the lid showing the name and color of the bottle's contents. We like this idea so that the GelColor doesn't accidentally get mixed up with the matching OPI nail polish shades.

OPI Promotional Shot of gelcolor in Russian Navy.

For those lucky nail techs out there that purchased OPI GelColor, let us know what you think. If you are headed to the salon for nail services, be sure to ask for OPI GelColor by name. We look forward to hearing your experiences with what promises to be a very hot new product.

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