Saturday, January 14, 2012

Republic Nail - Crackle Nail Polish

While at the local Walgreens, we noticed yet another brand of crackle nail polish. We had never heard of this company before, but since we have tried all others, we decided to put Republic Nail 'Green F' Crackle to the test.

It retails for $5.99, which is the cheapest of the bunch. It also comes packaged, which is different from other shatter nail polish brands. There are basic instructions in English and Spanish: Base color, crackle, top coat. What was interesting is that there was an expiration date. Ours was purchased in August of 2011 and it expires in November of 2012. This makes sense since nail polish thickens as it ages, and crackle polish tends to dry out. Republic Nail also states, "Strongly shake before using."

The style of the brush and the consistency of the polish made it difficult to use thin brush strokes, but that didn't seem to be a problem since the thick coats crackled better. (Every brand and sometimes even color can vary the optimal application technique.) This polish has a very strong paint thinner odor, unlike any nail polish we have ever tried. We would suggest using it in a well ventilated area, but not under a ceiling fan as crackle polishes will dry out in the bottle. This brand thickened some during use.

(Please forgive the short nails. They broke right before trying this polish.)

We used a white nail polish as our base color. The green crackle had a very matte, almost chaulk-like finish to it once applied. A top coat added some shine. Republic Nail crackled okay. We did get some on our skin, which was not easy to remove, and our cuticles seemed dried out. (You can see it in our photo even after we used lotion.) We selected the neon green color since we had not seen that shade before. The polished effect matches the bottle. (It definitely has a bright, day-glo hue in different lighting.)

We would pick a similar green as a base color and top it with a another brand of white shatter to create this combination in the future. If you have the option, our advice is to spend the extra $1-$3 to buy another brand. We're not going to officially give it a Glambo Dis, but we're not raving fans of this brand.

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