Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twilight Beauty

The highly anticipated Breaking Dawn, Part I of the Twilight Saga launches into theaters this week. What better time to share our discovery of a great discount on the Twilight Beauty line from Beauty Ticket?

Use the DuWop15 discount code at Beauty Ticket.

In case you aren't familiar with the Twilight make-up line, here is a a brief overview. These products can be found at Twilight Beauty. There are two sets of make-up products, Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight, along with a fragrance, Immortal Twilight, and a dozen nail polishes under the Nox Twilight name.

Luna Twilight collection available at Twilight Beauty.

Volturi Twilight collection available at Twilight Beauty.

Everything can be purchased directly online, or some products, like the popular Lip Venom, can be found in Sephora stores. They also sell Twilight Beauty at Twilight conventions, which is how the brand came onto our radar. A friend attended one and brought back a Nox Twilight nail polish. She didn't pick the obvious Red Velvet shade, and instead opted for the pretty, pale pink named, 'Chiffon.' We found that we really liked both the polish and the color. The emblem makes the bottle look cool. The nail polish lid took us a second to get used to because although it is basically round, the very top is square, which we noticed when we applied it to our nails.

 The Nox Twilight collection of colors:

Nox Twilight nail polish retails for $6.99 a bottle and is available at Twilight Beauty.

If you happen to attend a convention, or have a nice friend that goes and can bring you back something, they have a huge selection of shirts and apparel to choose from. A quick search online shows that they even have Cullen maternity tees! How fun!

So, what do you think? Does Twilight Beauty have the potential to make you as beautiful as the descriptions of the immortals in the Twilight books? As for the Glambo Girls, one of us is crazy enough to stand in line for the first Breaking Dawn, Part 1 movie showing on Thursday night / 12:01am Friday morning. Check back on our blog and maybe we'll post a non-spoiler, quickie movie review in the comments section of this post.

XoXo, Glambo

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