Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPI Animalistic - Muppets Collection

Hello Everyone! Muppets week continues as we review our favorites from the OPI Muppets nail polish collection. Today, we swatched Animal-istic.

OPI did a great job creating a color based upon the Muppets 'Animal.' When we first viewed the 'Animal-istic' bottle on the beauty supply shelf, we thought it was red. In a different light, it was definitely a firey-orange. And, we love the pink iridescent hue you can see under bright lights. The color is the perfect reflection of the craziness of this popular Muppets character.

Animal, of the Muppets. Disney's Muppets Movie opens 11/23/11.

We thought Animal-istic would look pretty under OPI Gold Shatter. Once a top coat was added, the nails really sparkled! Later in the day though, we were kind of thinking the Animal-istic / Gold Shatter look reminded us of the menu in our favorite Chinese food restaurant. (Kung Pao Chicken, anyone? Ha ha.)

OPI Animal-istic topped with OPI Gold Shatter

We will use the color again, but will make sure to use TWO base coats as this polish really stains natural nails. Staining is common with dark colors, and especially reds, oranges and yellows, so it makes sense that Animal-istic would do that. It was bad though - someone actually commented on the substantial staining, thinking it was a new nail technique we were trying. 

Other OPI Muppets colors include Excuse Moi!, the glittery Rainbow Connection, and Gettin' Miss Piggy With It.

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