Friday, November 18, 2011

b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit

The Glambo Girls love getting introduced to new products via trial sizes, and Benefit's three piece intro kit was the perfect way to review their skincare basics. At just $12 U.S., how could we not try it to share with our readers?

The three piece kit comes in a reusable, clear, zip-close bag. It includes Total Moisture Facial Cream, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, and Refined Finish Facial Polish.

Total Moisture Facial Cream -

This has a semi-thick, creamy texture and is designed to hydrate normal to dry skin. We liked it, and used it around our eye area. It also worked well for us on the decollete and neck. As we both can occasionally get breakouts, we didn't use it regularly in the t-zone areas. It does contain mango-butter. One of us is allergic to mango, but still did not have any issues using around the eyes. That ingredient is good to know about though.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion -

This is the product we are most excited about. It's light, and has a thinner consistency than the Total Moisture Facial Cream. Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is also oil free, which we love, love, love. What we didn't realize at first use (because we just dove right in and tried it without reading anything about it) is that it has SPF 15 sunscreen. Colleen L. wears oil free sunscreen every day, so this was a perk. From experience, we know that it is super important to apply anything with SPF evenly, so we are glad that we noticed the SPF element. We applied some mineral make-up right over our Facial Emulsion in the morning, and were good to go.

Refined Finish Facial Polish -

The idea here is that the facial polish has fine granules that will lightly scrub away dry skin and facial impurities which will give skin a softer look and feel. You can see in our photo that the lotion-looking base has texture. We each used it once, and it did seem to soften the appearance of our skin. However, the granules, although fine, were somewhat harsh and gave the feel of microscopic cuts afterward. Not bad, just noticeable. We can tell you that although we intended to each try our Refined Finish again, neither of us did when we checked back a month later. This is probably because we have another version of this style of product that we liked better. If you haven't used a facial polish before, or if you have been applying the drug store variety, you may really like the Benefit product. Our suggestion is to buy the travel size and see what you think.

Overall, Benefit's intro kit is worth buying and trying. Like us, you might discover a product you love and will use daily.

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  1. That's a fab price for benefit! Love their skincare but can b pricey !


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