Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OPI Pink Shatter, Part II

It's a Pink (Shatter) Wednesday! This nail polish shipped exclusively in the month of October to benefit breast cancer awareness and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Ironically, we have found it easier to locate in stores since the beginning of November. If you want a bottle, get it now or forever regret letting OPI's Pink Shatter slip away.

This pink appears to have an oranger hue in the bottle than when applied to fingernails. It isn't as bright of a pink as China Glaze's Pink Crackle or Sally Hansen's Pink Crackle. OPI's version shatters well whether you apply thick or thin coats, which is nice.

One thing we really like is the top of the bottle. The people at OPI are smart cookies because the shatter top makes it easy to identify instead of mistaking it for a deeper version of another polish like Come to Poppy.

We applied OPI Pink Shatter over a few base colors so you could see the range of options.

OPI Pink Shatter over White.

Shatter polishes generally don't crackle as well over glitter bases, but OPI Pink Shatter still separated well.

OPI Pink Shatter over a pale glittery base.

OPI Pink Shatter over Silver.

If you get yourself a bottle of OPI Pink Shatter, join the Glambo Girls on a Pink Wednesday and 'rock your pink in the middle of the week.'

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