Saturday, July 23, 2011

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

Have you been curious about using dry shampoos? We were too, and have been testing them for a while now. This type product seems to be increasing in popularity, so Glambo is starting a series of reviews titled, 'Battle of the Dry Shampoos!' For Round One, we have selected TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.

TRESemmé Fresh Start comes in two formulas. One is labeled Dry Shampoo for oily/straight to normal hair, which we tried, and the other is a waterless foam for dry/curly to normal hair. At first glance, this can be a little confusing. What if you have straight, dry hair?

The Waterless Foam should be selected for curly hair styles. Think back to when you had a perm and wanted to re-activate your curls. If you have straight hair, you won’t want the wetness and moisture of the foam, so stick to the Dry Shampoo formula. 

TRESemmé Fresh Start has a slight chemically citrus smell. It sprays on like an aerosol hair spray. It will leave white powdery marks on brunette hair, so make sure you comb through your tresses as the instructions state. That’s all it takes to remove the white marks, but if you skip this step, it will look like you missed a spot coloring or like you just rubbed up against wet paint. Another tip is to lift the hair and spray the roots from underneath instead of spraying the top of your do. Make sure you shake the can well prior to each use.
We like that it is readily available at drug and grocery stores and can be purchased for under $6 per can. While we wouldn't use it daily,  TRESemmé Fresh Start is a good option for days that you've overslept, or plan to go to the gym and shampoo  later.  

Stayed tuned for more reviews of contenders in Glambo's Battle of the Dry Shampoos...


  1. i like tresemme, this looks really nice :) might have to try it out! x

  2. Thanks for commenting. Let us know if you try it and like it. We have more dry shampoo reviews coming soon.


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