Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fashion Tips for Shark Week

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week begins tonight. In honor of this highly anticipated event (they have a Great White segment this year!) we Glambo Girls thought that we would share our amateur, non-scientific tips to avoid a close encounter beyond the television screen.

Farrah made it famous, but we prefer not to wear anything close to the color ‘blood red’ while hanging out in the surf. Just sayin' … it’s a personal preference.

No Silver Bikinis:   
Sure, a silver bikini might help you attract a man, but we have a fear that the shiny metallic fabric might also attract something over ten feet long sporting a fin. In general, bikinis are fine for sunbathing, but are not advisable as ocean wear unless you plan to reappear topless or bottomless anyway. 

Skip the Jewelry:
We don't like to wear anything on a boat or in the water that we are not willing to part with. Shark Week is a reminder that our sparkly accessories resemble the material that fishing lures are made of.

No Bathing Suit Hardware:
Although embellishments add interest in fashion design, the same rule applies here as with the shiny jewelry. We wear nothing that could peak the curiosity of under water creatures.

No Metallic Nail Polish:
Lastly, we love our OPI Silver Shatter, but not during Shark Week. The radiant sparkles on our fingers and toes may prove to be too tempting. Again, no metallics, no rhinestones or shimmering nail art. No way! We like our toes.

We hope you enjoyed our paranoid fashion tips! Shark Week premiers Sunday, July 31 at 9pm and lasts through August 5th on the Discovery Channel. Until next time....

Dah-Da… Dah-Da… Dah-da, dah-da…/   \ .. Dah-da…..
                                                              /      \



  1. That metallic shatter I gots to have!! Sharkbites not so much x

  2. Shhh... Don't tell OPI. We have no scientific evidence that sharks notice metallic nail polish. ;) However, we DO know that we LOVE the Silver Shatter. You should definitely buy some! Thanks for dropping by our blog!


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