Friday, July 1, 2011

OPI Navy & Blue Shatter Swatches

The OPI Color Shatters are here, and Glambo has swatched the blues:

Pictured below: OPI Blue Shatter over Last Friday Night, which goes on as a pale blue glitter. Shatters don't separate as well over glitter polishes, but they make the cracks sparkle in the light. Therefore, we are fond of this polish under the brighly colored electric blue shatter.

Here's OPI Blue Shatter over OPI Go-On Green, which appears as a light blue based subtle green. Look at the difference in the crackle effect, as this polish is not glitter based.

OPI Blue Shatter over OPI Go-On Green

OPI Navy Shatter looks good on your nails, but if it gets on your skin, it will remind you of that favorite blue pen that leaked, so apply it with care. The Navy Shatter isn't as harsh as the black, but the color still goes with everything. We tried it over DS Classic, a tan sparkle, and Steady As She Rose, a pink from the POTC collection.

OPI Navy Shatter over OPI Steady As She Rose

OPI Navy Shatter over OPI DS Classic

We never thought we would be polishing our nails with bright blue and navy, but we like it. You could say, 'Glambo has the blues,' but in a good way.

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