Friday, April 27, 2012

China Glaze You Move Me Magnetix Nail Polish

Magnetix nail polish by China Glaze seems to be our obsession over the last few weeks. We'll start by introducing a shade that appears to be the least popular, but is actually one of our favorites.   

What makes the China Glaze magnetix so cool is their horseshoe shaped magnet. It's easy to use and has three different designs that can be used on any magnetic polish.

China Glaze magnet with three designs. Sells for $10 US.

In the bottle, You Move Me may appear a little blah and similar to other colors you may already have. (Just being honest.) In fact, the ladies at the pro beauty supply store said that this color barely sells compared to the other shades - until we showed them our nails.

What we love about it:
The color is perfect to show off the designs created by the magnets. As you can see, the magnetic lines aren't black like you'd expect. They turn a deep brown, and in the right light, the edges get a frosty glow. The combination is really cool. If you have a conservative job, you could still get away with a You Move Me magnetic manicure. When you are out and about, people will still ask to see your nails and give you compliments. 

China Glaze You Move Me magnetic nail polish.
Thank you to our new nail model! First polish pics ever.

So, if you are at the store and see a bottle of China Glaze's You Move Me, don't pass it up! You just may fall in love with the shade and it's magnetic chocolatey swirls.

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