Friday, September 2, 2011

Suave vs. Secret Challenge

This review was unintentional. After shopping while texting and chatting (rude! we know,) I accidentally picked up a Suave deodorant that was near my usual Secret brand. Once I realized my mistake at home, I decided to tuck it away and only use in case of a 'I'm out of deodorant' emergency. Then I thought, 'Hey, why not try this for the blog?'

Only one of us Glambo Girls uses Secret, and has been loyal to it for years. So, this review is just one person's opinion. (Unlike most other assessments in which multiple people try a product and contribute their input.) The outcome? Yes, Suave, I can tell a difference.

Suave would be fine for a day spent hanging out at home. I would refrain from using it during a heat wave or any day that required strenuous physical activity. It certainly wouldn't be my choice for a Zumba class at the gym. Both the antiperspirant and deodorant qualities are lacking after about a half day of wear. I gave it five days for the review, and am switching back. 

So, there you have it! After accepting the Suave vs. Secret Challenge, Suave is getting a Glambo Dis. (Sorry guys!)

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