Friday, September 30, 2011

Shower Burst by Hydra. Genius!!

Ever had "one of those days" where you've been run ragged and wish you had the time (or money) to get to the spa for some relaxation and lovely aromatherapy?  Or even wished you had the time to light some candles and take a long fragant bath?  I can honestly say that I have at least one of those days a week. 
Guess what we discovered? Thanks to the clever folks at Hydra, frazzled girls like us can now get all the benifits of aromatherapy IN the SHOWER! 

Assorted Shower Burst

The product is called Shower Burst.  They are fragrant little domes (about 2" in diameter, 1" tall), all natural and made with 100% essential oils.  You place them on the floor (or any horizontal surface) of your shower in inderect stream of water.  The water hits them and releases the wonderful aromatherapeutic scents into the steam of your shower, and voila, you have what feels like a spa right in your very own shower!

Shower Burst in my shower perched on a little loofah-ish disk

We LOVED the idea of it, and when we tried our first Shower Burst, in Refresh, we weren't disappointed. Once we found proper placement in the shower, below nose-level, and in the water, but not directly, we found the scents of grapefruit and lavender, wafting in the steamy shower to be quite refreshing indeed!

The scent is potent but not overpowering.  If you share a bathroom with someone that doesn't enjoy scent, this is good because it doesn't linger for too long.  Another thing we like is that it's a great way to get an aromatherapeutic experience without putting the product on your body and smelling like it all day.

The company's website says each Shower Burst is good for one shower, but we managed to get a good 2 1/2 from each.  It all depends on placement in the shower.   If you want a stronger aroma, place it in a spot directly in the stream of water.  If you do that, it will last 1 shower.

There are different collections to choose from:

Aromatherapy Shower Bursts include Refresh (grapefruit and lavender),
Clarity (eucalyptus and peppermint), Healing (lavender and teatree) and Relax (lavender and bergamot)

Essentials Shower Burst include Grapefruit, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass

Naturals Aromatherapy Shower Burst come in Flori (jasmine and clementine), Arbre (cider spruce lime), Citro (grapefruit orange), and Terra (cinnamon vetiver)

Mood Busters include Cold & Flu, Hangover Buster, Tension &Stress Buster, and Headache Buster

With all of the different varieties of Shower Burst, there is bound to be (at least) one favorite for everyone.  Right now, I'm loving Lemongrass, because it's so refreshing.  Last week, though I was loving the way the Cold &Flu Buster helped me clear up my sniffles!

Shower Burst retail for $3.95 each, and best of all, you can get them here without even leaving the house.

Shower Burst definitely get a Glambo KISS of APPROVAL! 

Shower Burst were provided compliments of Hydra, and Glambo's expressed opinions are, as always, unbiased.

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