Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Shatter, Where Are You???

The hottest new product you can't get!

We've seen OPI's Katy Perry Black Shatter polish advertised in magazines for months. Deliveries were scheduled for January, but pros and consumers alike can't seem to get the product. Glambo's advice: If you see Black Shatter anywhere, buy it!

The 'shatter' effect is what makes it so popular. OPI's Black Shatter goes over any nail polish color. As it dries, the black breaks apart and creates a leopard effect. Thicker coats allow for more black coverage, whereas thinner coats allow more of the base color to show through. It has a matte finish, so top coat is essential to add some shine and ensure your manicure will last longer. The Katy Perry colors seem to be very hot as well. The pink, Teenage Dream, which OPI describes as, "A dreamy pink glitter that you’re sure to crush on!" also seems to be selling out right away.
Pre-Teens to cougar-aged ladies agree that the Black Shatter effect is amazing. This is why the polish is impossible to find. It seems that stores have completely underestimated the demand for this product, and ordered limited quanties. Snow storms on the East Coat have grounded airplanes and delayed shipments. Professional beauty supply stores tell us that when they finally receive their stock, the entire inventory sells immediately. Manicurists are hard pressed to even get a bottle to try the effect on their clients. Retail stores are also having difficulty obtaining enough of OPI's Black Shatter to meet the demand. Local Ulta stores tell Glambo that they sold thirty bottles within hours at each of their locations. Waiting lists are popular, and one thing is certain: The Katy Perry Black Shatter by OPI may be HOT, but you are going to have to wait to try it.

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