Monday, March 14, 2016

theBalm - Stainiac - Beauty Queen

We normally review full-size products here on Glambo because we like to use the product many times with it's original dispenser. We tried theBalm Stainiac in the Beauty Queen shade via sample sizes received from our March 2016 BirchBox.

theBalm, Stainiac, Beauty Queen
lip and cheek stain

The results are neutral. Overall, Stainiac cheek and lip stain is good. We like the dual purpose. It leaves a hint of color as both a blush and lip shade. Don't be intimidated by the color in the bottle. It goes on lighter and sheerer than it appears in the container. It looks redder or pinker depending upon the lighting.

The Balm, Stainiac, Lip and Cheek Stain

Personally, Stainiac isn't a product we are likely to buy again. I'm not sure we are lip and cheek stain people. You can layer the lip color to get a darker hue. However, it reminds us of a long wearing lipstick that has been worn for several hours. The lip stain is slightly drying in nature. The faint color and dryness make us want to apply a moisturizing lipstick over it.

We're not a fan of applying anything drying to the cheek area. The 'hint' of color isn't worth it. Maybe we just don't completely understand the stain concept because it seems easy to apply blush and lipstick. Again, the dual purpose of Stainiac is nice, but we're not sold. We would purchase two products we already like to do the job better.

The great part of receiving a smaller size of theBalm Stainiac is that it's perfect for the travel bag or desk drawer cosmetics bag. It will be used again, but not likely in it's entirety.

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