Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gray Silver Locks

For anyone that has been surprised to see a gray hair peeking through their tresses, the silver gray hair trend may seem shocking. Why would anyone young want to dye their hair silver when those with gray hair spend so much time and effort to cover it up? The answer is that the color is striking on a youthful face, especially when paired with darker roots.

Celebrities have adopted this trend.

Left: Rihanna with gray hair. Right, Kylie Jenner leaning gray.

Gaga Gray: Lady Gaga sporting gray hair with darker roots.

Instagram models with gray hair will stop you mid-stream.

Gray hair curls. (original source unknown.)

Young model, gray hair, red lips

Rocking gray hair

We especially like the style with purple roots. If you are considering a gray hair transformation, know that this color comes with a lot of maintenance. The look isn't designed to let your grey streaks flow. It takes a lot of lightening on the ends, dark root upkeep, and specialized shampoos so that the color doesn't turn to a  brittle blonde hue. Heavier eye makeup and / or darker lips prevent an overall washed-out appearance.

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