Thursday, June 21, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Polishes - An Overview

Here's the batch of China Glaze Magnetix polishes we were able to acquire.

After applying a base coat and letting it dry, apply the Magnetix polish.You'll want to do this process one nail at a time. Next, carefully, and quickly hold the magnet over the nail.  Hold still, or the design will end up more swirly than anticipated. Also, resist the urge to look before the design has set. Another novice mistake that we made was accidentally touching the magnet to the wet polish. It's probably going to happen to you at first, but you will get the hang of it. Overall, we like the magnetic polishes, and especially the China Glaze magnet.

China Glaze Magnetix in Drawn to You shade with Magnetix magnet.

Here's our first attempt with each color:
(Click title to view photos.)

Drawn to You,  a purplish hue
Pull Me Close, a silverfish blue that reminds of all the shades of denim
You Move Me, a metallic tan accentuated with chocolaty magnetic marks
Cling On, a surprise favorite that is much prettier than it appears in the bottle.

If you are sick of shatter polishes and want something new to try, then China Glaze Magnetix is for you!

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