Tuesday, June 12, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix - Drawn to You

More Magnetix colors! This one is in the lavender-purple range of shades and is called, 'Drawn To You.' If you haven't used the China Glaze Magnet yet, it is a fun, easy way to do random nail 'art.' 

China Glaze Magnetix, Drawn to You

The magnet works on specialized magnetic polishes. Using the China Glaze Magnet, you hold the preferred design over wet polish to give a unique look to your manicure.
China Glaze Magnet, Magnetix polish - Drawn to You
We are still perfecting our technique. It's a fun process as long as the magnet doesn't touch the polish.

Check out our other Magnetix posts for more China Glaze colors and designs.

 Happy polishing!


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