Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirit Hoods: Fun Accessory or Just Plain Funny?

And you can’t get your guy to put on a Halloween costume…. Conan O’Brien was a great sport for modeling a Spirit Hood (a gift from Vanessa
Hutchens.) Conan said, ‘It looks like you killed an Ewok.’

 Certainly not a favorite everyday look for Conan O‘Brien, and maybe not for Vanessa either. But, can’t you just envision this on a 4-6 year old? That would be cute! We did some research, and they make them!

We love Conan!

You know you want one of these! Ha!
Spirit Hoods for women come in styles such as Grizzly Bear and Nasty Rabbit. Men’s styles and sizes are also available. Although, we’re never going to see a man in a Night Owl style without thinking of Conan’s look. Men's and women's Adult Sizes can be found here:

Children's styles available at

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