Monday, October 31, 2011

Glambo's Bloody Manicure

Happy Halloween Everybody!

We created three 'bloody' manicures using only the bottles of nail polish to create this effect. No nail art tools were used, making this simple and easy for anyone to imitate as the perfect accent to any costume.

After appraising our selection of red polishes, we selected Sally Hansen #18 Cinna-Snap as the ideal 'blood' doppelganger. Several people stopped me while I was running errands asking to see my nails and inquiring how we got them to look like this.

Next, we applied the same varnish over a white base color.

It retrospect, we would have selected a more traditional red color to compliment the brightness of the white. We can picture this look with a scary clown costume. Yikes!

Finally, we used a black base color and switched to a metallic red so that it would be more visible against the black lacquer. We got a lot of compliments on this combination. It kind of looks like flames depending on the viewing angle.

Sally Hansen's 'Black Out' color was a great base color. It was super shiny and lasted through an evening of carving pumpkins and even scooping out the seeds.

Glambo's Bloody Manicure is super easy! First, we applied a base coat, and 'dripped' our 'bloody' polish over it to create our natural nail look. If you prefer a colored base, use that polish and let that coat dry. To add the 'blood,' select a red and keep a bit more polish on the brush than you would normally use. Start the 'drip' from the cuticle end and pull toward the edge of the nail. Repeat until the tips of your nails appear as they have been dipped in blood.  When applying your clear top coat, keep in mind that you may need to wipe your top coat brush on a paper towel before dipping it back into the bottle. This will prevent the red polish from transferring from your red tips and adding red streaks to the natural nail and white portions.

Happy Haunting! Have a spooktactular Halloween from Glambo!

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