Saturday, August 13, 2011

Samy Fat Foam Hair Color Review

This is the fourth foam hair coloring product we have tried. To our knowledge, we have tested every major brand on the market. Samy Fat Foam isn't sold everywhere, but we do see it in some drug stores and in WalMart. We were curious, but waited to try it because of their lack of color selection. There didn't seem to be many options for brunettes. Finally, we were determined to give it a whirl, and picked a shade that was a little darker than our normal hair color, Samy Fat Foam N4, Dark Brown.

Upon opening the package, you realize the purpose of the round red top. It is the shaker emerging from the box.

The box contains:
Base Solution 1, Powder Color 2, Shampoo and Conditioner Packets, Gloves, Directions, and the Shaker with Lid.

What is different about Samy Fat Foam:
  • The directions have one line of English, then a line of Spanish. The two languages are not in separate sections like we are used to seeing. It can make you do a double-take while reading them.
  • There is no application dispenser or pump. You mix the contents in the shaker and scoop the foam out to apply it with your hand.
  • Samy Fat Foam has both a shampoo and conditioner. Most at-home hair color products have one tube to use after coloring.
  • The color itself is a powder, not a liquid, as you can see below. It is added to the shaker after pouring the bottle of Base Solution 1.  

The directions state to screw the red cap on tightly. It clicked right into place.
Upon shaking the container to vigorously to mix it, you unscrew the lid to reveal the foam. This is the part that should be done over inkless newspaper or something to cover your countertop. The directions didn't suggest this, but see how the foam is spilling over the sides? Trust us on this one. Save yourself some clean up time and avoid staining your countertop.

The Result:

We applied the foam to the roots first and allowed it to process longer for the grey outgrowth as the instructions indicate. Samy Fat Foam did cover the greys, but we found the product to be drying to the hair. The application was easy but messy. We noticed the powder kind of stuck to the top of the lid, and didn't mix quite as well as we would have liked to see. It did color evenly though.

The process would have been less stressful had there been a little more foam color. There were concerns about not having enough color to cover the ends of long hair. It rinsed well using the shampoo and conditioner provided. The shampoo is clear and has a fruity/perfumed smell. We found it hard to open the packet and literally used teeth to rip it apart in a hurry. The blow dried hair was a similar shade to what was depicted on the box - maybe one to one an a half shades darker.

Glambo's Verdict

Samy Hair Foam is effective, but it wouldn't be our first choice considering the other foam hair color options on the market.

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