Friday, February 13, 2015

Korean Spa

For YEARS, we have been discussing going to a Korean spa in San Francisco or Las Vegas. We do not know anyone who has actually been, but from what we understand, it is a unique and amazing experience. Full body scrub downs and massages resulting in baby smooth skin. Our hesitation? Nudity. Full on nudity in crowded, communal spaces: the steam rooms, the massage areas, everyone is rumored to be naked everywhere. There are supposedly separate areas for the men and women, but this is a co-ed spa!

We considered wearing nude colored bras and panties, but even then, we would stand out and draw attention. We had almost convinced our most confident Glambo Girl to lead the way, but she has super sensitive skin. She backed out, and we have yet to gain enough courage to go on our own.

Thank you, Conan O'Brien and actor, Steven Yeun. (You know and love him from The Walking Dead.)  Hats off to these two (actually, pants off - ha ha!) as they allow a film crew to tape their Korean spa experience. They have simultaneously confirmed our greatest fears, and made us laugh out loud as they encountered other exhibitionist-minded spa patrons and endured the mother of all exfoliation treatments. This video is ten minutes long, but worth it!

What do you think? Should we 'put on our big girl panties' and head to the Korean spa?

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