Tuesday, March 12, 2013

bareMinerals Jonathan Adler Set

We just love products that we discover via our beauty buddies. I was given a jar of bareMinerals foundation powder to try by a friend that was visiting. My skin looked great! It covered any redness and imperfections of that day and left a nice finish. I ordered a starter kit in my shade have been using Bare Minerals powder ever since. (As a beauty blogger, that's the sign of a great product! If it makes it into the daily makeup bag, it's golden.)

bareMinerals Jonathan Adler limited edition set

While shopping at the mall recently, I wandered into a Bare Essentials store. (Bare Minerals / Bare Essentials = same thing.) The sales rep suggested I buy the bigger container of my go-to-favorite foundation. It happened to be a Jonathan Adler set. Being good with numbers, I quickly did the math. More product for less money per ounce AND I get a gift set?! I'm in!

The only drawback is that the shade available was Fairly Medium. I am a Fairly Light girl in the winter. (Actually, my exact shade is Summer Bisque, but I found out that's actually a concealer.) I do use Fairly Medium in the summer, so I purchased the limited edition set.

Bare Minerals Jonathan Adler limited edition set

I took it home, and really liked it. The larger container is nice to have. The hard plastic box is ideal to keep make up brushes. I ended up putting makeup in it that I use occasionally, but not daily. I can cover it up with the lid, and not feel like my bathroom counter is a disaster when I run out the door in the morning. (6:20am people! I'm not a morning person.)

What I immediately loved, then disliked, is the brush. The longer handle is great. I like the weight of it. The coverage is good. The problem is the shedding. I thought it might go away after a few uses. The brush kept shedding. I liked the brush so much, that I kept using it hoping it would stop eventually. After 6 weeks or so, I had to concede. There wasn't time to remove the brush fibers every day after I did my makeup. I would inevitably realize that I'd missed one or two. I like the happy Jonathan Adler design on the handle, but had to give it up. I went back to using my small kabuki brush.

Bare Minerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush

I'm still a fan of bareMinerals. I don't regret my purchase. The product is great, and I like the box. Unfortunately, the brush wasn't as wonderful after a few uses. The quote inside is a good one though!

 Well said, Jonathan Adler.

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