Thursday, March 31, 2011

Muffin Tops Declared Sexy!

Stop the Lipo! Men think Muffin Tops are Sexy?!?

A new study performed at a Berlin medical center shows that women with muffin tops (a visible stomach roll spilling over their jeans that remains smaller than their chest area) are deemed sexier than ladies with a flat, skinny stomach as judged by middle-aged men. The study shows that the ladies that wore tighter clothing which accentuated the 'muffin top' area scored 19.4% higher in the attractiveness category when judged by a broad range of men. The study's gentlemen, ages 35-54, came from multiple cultures and backgrounds - including Americans - and they themselves had various levels of athletic ability. "These are not just heavy, bald-headed men," states Dr. Scholz (a female) who conducted the study. She continued to state that even in recent European history, heavier women were seen as very attractive and that the fattier parts of their body represented the ladies' affluence and status. This is exemplified by some of the world's most famous paintings.

Painting: Jean-Antoine Watteau, A Lady at her Toilet, 1716-1717, oil on canvas, Wallace Collection London

 Dr. Harold Freda, an American psychologist practicing in New York City, speculated, "The 'tighter clothing' may have also suggested a confidence that the male participants of the study found appealing."

Glambo Editorial: Every woman struggling with a diet has to be rejoicing today after this muffin top study! We never thought we would see the day when people were paying for butt implants either. Girls with full lips were equally surprised when the lip-plumping trend came into vogue. It's nice to see that science now supports the shape of a real women.

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Too bad it's not true... April Fools!!! Gotcha!

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